The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))


11. Bad News!

Heey you bootyful people!! <33

So, i noticed that there's not much readers on this movella, and there are practically no likes or favorites... so i decided to delete this movella!!

yeah, i know you don't care, but I just wanted to tell you guys!

Mkk... byeee


ps, i think im gonna put another few chapters and see if there's a difference, but if there isn't then I'm deleting it! and thanks for the ones who like/ favorited/ and commented! i really love youu xx

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