The Operation

Leanne, Beca, and Zayn were bestfriend since forever. They weren't popular, and were never noticed. They absolutely hate Taylor, the Queen B of the school. So what happens when they decide, along with Liam to get back in her?!
Read and find out... ;))



HEEEY PEEPS! waddup?

sorry if I don't upload very often... It's just that I have a lot of homework and this year especially is very important to my future!! so sorry :** 

And just a quick message: Taylor has nothing to do with Taylor swift, I idolise her and look up to her and absolutely love her music... and so does Danielle, she has nothing to do with Danielle Peazer, Liam's girlfriend! 

Hope you all like my story... <3<3<3

bye... Oh and if anyone wants me to write a fanfic about them just send me a message on twitter and tell me your name and with witch boy/s you want to be with in the fanfic... this is my twitter account: @shoshakh98 





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