Keep Breathing

‘That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.’ - John Green.

Aiden Wells' world is destroyed in 140 characters or less.


1. Keep Breathing

@Aid3nW3lls I thought we were broken up?

@TheBellsBrooke Uh.

You were wrong, Aiden thought to type, before shaking his head and removing his fingers from the keyboard. He couldn’t very well tell Brooke that they weren’t broken up if she said they were- over twitter, to her four thousand freaking followers as well as him- but he also couldn’t seem to pinpoint the exact moment they broke up. Aiden plucked his phone from his pocket and looked through his text messages. Last night just  before midnight he had texted Brooke Sweet Dreams and she had responded with a heartfelt U2<3 so surely they were still together at that time. Then, this morning, Aiden had texted Morning:) and Brooke had responded with U2<3 which, okay, was slightly suspect in retrospect but the virtual heart still was a sure sign of a monogamous relationship.

Except, apparently, six hours later Brooke was under the impression there was no relationship in which to be monogamous.  Aiden closed out his texts and dialed the third speed dial on his phone, clicking speaker so he could stand and pace the room while he thought.


“Brooke and I broke up.”

“Oh, yeah. I saw that on my feed, I meant to DM you.”


There was a moment of silence. “You’re not taking this well, are you?”

Aiden stopped himself from saying something mean, like, ‘Wow, Sammy, what tipped you off? BFF senses tingling?’ and instead threw his hands up in frustration. “Of course not! We broke up, Sam, but we never actually broke up!” Aiden’s pacing grew more frantic. Now that he had said it aloud a few times, he was distinctly aware of the ache in the upper left  area of his chest.

Sam hummed into the phone. “That’s what I thought. That is such a Brooke thing to do, skipping the break up in favor of being broke up.”

“That is not a Brooke thing to do, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Brooke’s awesome.” Awesome and pretty, way too cool to be dating Aiden. Which was probably why she wasn’t.

Aiden stopped pacing and sat on his bed instead, folding over to put his head in his hands. “OhmygodBrookeandIbrokeup,” he moaned.

Sam sighed. “It’s going to be alright. You only dated for a month, and she was never around. You can do better.”

For one nauseating moment Aiden thought he might throw up but he managed to swallow it down. He sat up straight and stared at his phone across the room. “She was the only girl who ever wanted to date me,” he said. “She’s the only girl in the entire world who wanted to date me and now she doesn’t so I’m going to be forever alone.” Not even just alone like he was before, but alone and heartbroken. His chest would never stop hurting and he would probably be submitted to random, embarrassing cry jags.

In fact, he felt one coming on right that moment. He pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes and tried to steady out his voice when he spoke next. “Should I call her? Maybe I said something that made her think I wanted this. You’re always saying I’m hard to understand.”

He hadn’t figured out how his initial tweet, @TheBellsBrooke wanna grab dinner tonight? could be so misinterpreted but life was a series of misunderstanding.

“No, I vote you should definitely never talk to Brooke again. Look, I know you really like Brooke and everything but she kind of does this  alot. I mean, I don’t really know her, but I know her best friend Alice and apparently Brooke is trying to find ‘the one.’ Why at sixteen she’s seeking her soulmate is beyond me but this is just what she does. She gets together with some poor guy, gives him a little time, and then dumps him the moment it’s apparent they’re not going to elope.”

Aiden processed this. “So, you’re saying that our whole relationship didn’t really mean anything? I could have been anyone to her?”  That actually made sense. There was no way someone like Brooke could have seen something uniquely special in Aiden. Like, no one would want him for him.

“What? Aide, no, you’re totally missing my point, I’m saying-”

“Sorry, Sam, I’ve got to go. Talk to you later,” Aiden cut her off, swiftly crossing the room to end the call.

Sitting back down at his desk Aiden opened his computer again and refreshed his twitter feed.

When things don’t go as planned, you just have to keep breathing, read Brooke’s newest update. Aiden inhaled and then exhaled but only felt worse than he did before. In his hand his phone buzzed and for a deluded second Aiden thought it might be Brooke with a text, Sorry that tweet saying we broke up was a mistake! Love you xoxo.

It was Sam.

I suck at post-breakup pep talks :(  It’s going to be okay, promise. We can have a horror movie marathon?

Finding out you're doomed for an eternity of misery before eighteen couldn’t be solved with a movie marathon, Aiden was pretty sure.

I have the original Halloween on blu-ray,  Sam added a moment later, like she could hear his thoughts.

Aiden had only seen the original Halloween once but if memory served, it was awesome.

Bring ice cream.

Sam responded a moment later with a smiley face. Aiden was still pretty sure that he was still going to feel like crap at the end of the night but he supposed someone, somewhere had survived a breakup before. Eyeing Brooke’s newest update once again he thought for a moment, still unsure if he should respond to her first tweet, before making up his mind and re-tweeting her lastest instead.

You just have to keep breathing, perhaps easier said than done, he thought, but at least for now he could try.

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