James Maslow Sick Day

Big Time Rush Are On Tour And Then James Maslow Is Coming Down With Something And From There It Is Not Pretty.


1. In Miami On July 25,2012

*It Has Been A Crazy Week Since Big Time Rush Has Kicked Their Big Time Summer  Tour Off And Today BTR Are In Miami For A Show Tonight...But Something Is Wrong With James Maslow And The Rest Of The Crew Start To Freak Out. *

James' Pov: When I Woke Up At 4:00 This Morning, My Stomach Was Hurting Soo Bad And Yeah Of Course I Was Throwing Up All Over The Place...They All Had To Clean Up Everything Because I Actually Threw Up On The Tour Bus Floor Too.

Logan's Pov: James Maslow Was Feeling A Little Warm When I Felt His Forehead And He Also Looked Really Really Pale So I Called His Mother And Told Her What Was Going On And Then Next Thing I Know  I Hear James Maslow Throwing Up All Over The Place He Threw Up Like 20 Times And When He Was Finished He Laid Back Down And Of Course I Had To Tell His Mom And She Said She Was On Her Way.

Carlos' Pov: It  Was Crazy, And Big Time Rush Were About To Cancel The Concert In Miami All Together Because James Maslow Was Sick Kendall, Logan And I Kept Telling Him To Lay Down And Get Some Rest Because We Had Many More Places To Be At To Perform On Our Big Time Summer Tour.

Kendall's Pov: But Of Course James Maslow Decided To Perform While He Was Sick And Ended Up Throwing Up All Over The Stage In Front Of 1,000,000 Rushers Which We Call Our Fans...He Threw Up 8 Times On Stage And 8 More Times Back Stage Soo He Basically Was Throwing up Non-Stop On Stage And Off...It Was Quite Embarrassing And Yeah It Was A Really Tough Night But He Powered Through The Concert In Miami Even After Throwing Up On Stage And Off...I Was Proud Of Him.

Cathy Burges: James David Maslow Wake Up Right Now.


Cathy Burges: You Need To Get Up Before 4:30AM And It Is 4:15AM......Get Your Behind Up Now Or Else I Will Pull You Out Of The Bed Okay.

James Maslow: Okay, Mom. MMMMMM

Cathy Burges: Thank You.

James Maslow:Your Welcome. MMMMMMMMMM

Cathy Burges: James Are You Feeling Well?

James Maslow: Mom, No I Do Not Feel Well.

Cathy Burges: Really?

James Maslow: Yes, Really.

Cathy Burges: I Will Take You Temperature Later But Please Get Ready Okay...I Love You.

James Maslow: Okay...Love You Too...MMMMMMMMMMMMM

Cathy's Pov: When I Found Out That My Son James Maslow Was Sick And Threw Up All Over The Place On The Tour Bus I Was Freaking Out Soo I Am Basically Taking Care Of Him Because I Love Him Soo Gosh Darn Much.


TBC IN Chapter 2: Puking In Miami

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