You Never Know

A fanfiction about a band called Exclamation Point. In it are two members named Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer. They're becoming more and more known, and their fans are known as 'pointers'.


2. Chapter two


Claire's P.O.V


It was 11:45am, and my room was an absolute tip. I had tried on so many outfits, you wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't normally try this hard, but when there was a possibility of meeting the boys... I couldn't wear my usual laid-back denim shorts and my usual white t-shirt... could I? Or maybe I should wear something blue, that WAS Danny's favorite colour...


I heard a knock at the door downstairs, my mum speaking and then footsteps coming up the stairs. Then there was a knock at the door.


"Claire! Are you ready yet? Your mum's waiting to drop us off at the mall!" Lindsay called through the door.

"LINDSAY! You have to help me! I don't know what to wear! I've got nothing!" I wailed.


Claire came into the bedroom and sighed when she saw the state of my room. I look at her and instantly felt jealous. She looked perfect! Wearing her white simple vest top, her red denim jeans, her red jacket, and with her curley hair pulled back in a pony tail. It was the perfect outfit.

"Did you know blue is Danny's favorite colour?" I asked.

"No," she replied.

"You never knew? Oh, well you know now!" I laughed.


 Well, I was jealous, then I had an idea. I had the exact same outfit as her, except my shorts and jacket were blue.


 "You know what? I know EXACTLY what I'm gonna wear now!" I smiled.


 I finished getting ready, and then Lindsay and I headed to the mall.



Lindsay's P.O.V.


It took us a 40 minute drive to get to the mall. The car had barely even stopped when Claire leapt out of the car, eager to get into the mall. She had tried so hard with her hair and make-up, yet I don't see why. She had asked her mum to take us to a mall which no-one from school went to, as it was quite far from where we all lived, so there was no point in trying hard to impress some-one, because there wasn't really any chance of bumping into anyone who we knew. I didn't know why she wanted to go to this mall anyway, we don't normally shop here.


"Calm down! Why are you in such a rush?" I questioned Claire.

"Oh, no reason! I just want to get in there and do some serious shopping," she smiled.

"Anyone would think you had a hot date with a celebrity," I sighed.


She didn't answer, she just started grinning like a mad woman.

"PLEASE tell me you are not dragging me into one of your crazy missions!" I begged.

"Sorry!" She laughed.


So, we were going to try and find someone, I had guessed that much. And it has to be someone she likes, otherwise she wouldn't have tried so hard with her hair and make-up. Even though I had guessed that we were going to try and find someone, she wouldn't tell me who it was.


Well, I was going to have to just wait and see.

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