You Never Know

A fanfiction about a band called Exclamation Point. In it are two members named Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer. They're becoming more and more known, and their fans are known as 'pointers'.


3. Chapter Three


Claire's P.O.V


When we walked through the doors of the mall, my eyes darted around madly. It was 2pm, so if the boys were going to be at the mall, they would probably be there. Even though I was racing round, looking for the boys, I also wanted to do some shopping, so Lindsay and I did go round the shops.


After a few hours, I was begining to loose hope. If I hadn't seen the boys by now, then I probably wouldn't. Then, I saw a glipse of red and blue jackets through the corner of my eye. I turned around, hoping that I had FINALLY found the boys, but I couldn't see any blue or red any more. I whirled my head around, looking everywhere, but I still couldn't see them.


"What is wrong with you?" Lindsay said.

"Oh, nothing," I replied. "I thought I saw Paul and Danny, that's all."

"Who? Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer? You mean that's why we're here?! To find them?! They're probably not even here! I admit, it would be amazing if they were, just so I could meet them. Two, honest boys, who know how to treat a girl right. There aren't many boys like that." She sighed.

"Yes they are! They tweeted they were heading to the mall today!" I almost yelled. "YOU NEVER KNOW!"


Lindsay just looked at me, and giggled a little.


I sighed, and then I had an idea.


"Hey, let's go into the skate shop!" I exlaimed.

"Why? You don't even skateboard!" Replied Lindsay.

"But I've always wanted to learn, and I could get lessons! I'm sure it's not that hard!" I babbled excitedly.

"OK, fine, but I'll meet you in Starbucks. You know skateboarding doesn't interest me, it just bores me. So I'll head off, OK? Don't be too long!" Lindsay called as she walked away.


I was looking at the skateboards, when I heard a voice behind me."Did you know, that Danny Edge has always wanted to teach a girl how to skateboard? If you want, I could help you. You could say that I know Danny." As I turned around, I spoke calmly but firmly."It's not nice to play a trick on so-"


I realized who it was as I looked at his face. I screamed, and felt my knees go weak...

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