You Never Know

A fanfiction about a band called Exclamation Point. In it are two members named Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer. They're becoming more and more known, and their fans are known as 'pointers'.


4. Chapter four


Danny’s P.O.V


I laughed in amazement as I grabbed the girls arm to stop her from falling. I didn’t realize I had fans like this! I actually felt kinda famous, it was nice.


“So, I’m Danny Edge, and by your reaction, and the fact that I overheard you talking to your friend about Paul and myself, you already knew that. So beautiful, what’s your name?” I smiled at her.


“I, uh, my uh, my name is Claire… Oh my gosh… you just called me b-beautiful!” Claire stammered.


“Yes, because you are. Why don’t we-“ I was cut off by Paul, who came up behind me. I knew it was Paul straight away, because Claire kinnddaaa maayybbeee just a little screamed ‘PAUL!’


“Hey man, who’s this?” Paul asked.


“Her name’s Claire. She and her friend are both massive fans of us by the sound of it,” I replied.


“Yeah, we love you! Weell, Lindsay only just found out about you yesterday, thanks to moi, but she’s been listening to your songs all day and has them all downloaded on her phone, your covers of songs and your originals too.” Claire seemed a little more confident as she spoke, but was clearly still gob smacked at the fact that Paul and I were standing right in front of her. But we weren’t that special were we? I laughed to myself.


“What’s so funny?” Paul looked at me questioningly.


“Oh, nothing just thinking.” I replied. Which was true. I was thinking. I was thinking about how we were like celebrities to Claire, but I also couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was so beautiful, her eyes glistening in the light as she had tears of happiness threatening to spill.


“Well, Why don’t us three go to Starbucks and get a coffee?” Paul asked.


I was about to answer, when Claire replied:

“I’ve got to go to Starbucks anyway, I’m meeting up with my friend there.”


“Then it’s settled,” I said. “We’ll go to Starbucks and meet your friend, and we’ll all have a coffee. On us,” I smiled.


“OK,” Claire replied quietly. “Let’s go.”


Claire’s P.O.V

As we were about to walk into Starbucks, I spotted Lindsay. She was sat waiting for me on her own so she could order. I had an idea.


“Hey you two, could you hide a minute? When I say something like ‘You never know’ come over to us,” I grinned.


“What, like surprise Lindsay? Sure,” Paul replied, nodding at Danny.


“Great,” I smiled. “One minute.”

I walked over to Lindsay’s table which was only for two. I took hold of her arm and guided to her to a table where four could sit.


“Why are we sitting here? We aren’t meeting anyone,” Linday said.


“No, but if we see anyone we know come in, they could sit with us.” I smiled.


“You’re thinking about Paul and Danny aren’t you? Listen, this is getting kinda creepy now. Paul and Danny aren’t just gonna walk into here at the exact same time that we’re here. And they definitely won’t just sit with a couple of strangers!”


“Well, you never know, maybe they will!” I said, at a little louder level than I would normally talk at. I then couldn’t hold back my laughter as the boys walked up to our table. Lindsay’s eyes were wide open, and her jaw just dropped.


“Hello, we’re Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer, and we were wondering if we could sit with you beautiful ladies? I’ll order, what do you both want? Oh, and it’s on us too.” Paul spoke, trying (unsuccessfully) to keep a straight face.


“Sure,” I smiled. “I said you could when I bumped into you both in the skateboard shop.”


The boys sat down, Danny next to me, (EEEEK!) and Paul next to Lindsay.




“Yep,” I replied, smiling at her.


“Now we have that in the open, shall we order?” Paul spoke up.


“Yes, we shall,” I said, smiling in amazement. Wow, they must think I’m an idiot. I can’t stop smiling. They’re just so cute! Especially Danny… This all feels like a dream. I am sat with my best friend, Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer in Starbucks. I smiled to myself as everyone spoke, and as our drinks were brought to our table I sat stirring my coffee, just daydreaming about Danny...

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