You Never Know

A fanfiction about a band called Exclamation Point. In it are two members named Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer. They're becoming more and more known, and their fans are known as 'pointers'.


1. Chapter one



21st July, 2012, Maryland, Pheonix


--Lindsay's P.O.V--

"Yes, OK, fine, I'll check my inbox on youtube for the video you sent me. But no promises I'll like it, and don't forget, I don't normally do this. Most people on there are just wanna-be's."


I was on the phone to my best friend Claire, and she was going on about some band called Exclamation Point. She had been on about them for weeks, and had kept nagging at me to search them, but I never really had the chance. Plus, they couldn't be that good, could they? But because she was my best friend (and to get her to shut up about them), I decided to give them a chance.


"Yay!" Claire squealed happily from the other side of the phone. "Thanks! Bye! Let me know what you think!"

I hastily said bye, and pressed the 'end call' button on the phone, then got my laptop, sat on my bed, switched it on and logged onto my youtube. I scrolled through my inbox messages until I came across the one which was from Claire. I clicked on the song named 'Stay.' As I listened, I instantly fell in love with them. I mean, who wouldn't?! They were cute, amazingly talented, sexy, perfect... I felt I could go on forever. I felt an instant draw to Paul, the one with short, spikey dark brown hair. I don't know why, I mean I liked the other, Danny, the one with long, wavy light-ish brown hair, but there was just something about Paul that I couldn't resist.


Now, I had to ring Claire and tell her what I thought...


--Claire's P.O.V--

I looked at my phone, and when I saw the called ID was 'Lindsay' I knew she was ringing about the video. I took a deep breath and answered, and started babling. A terrible habit which I have when I'm nervous or excited.


"HEY LINDSAY! So what did you think? Did you like it? What do you think about Danny? Isn't he gorgeous? although Pauls cute, I know, but seriously! COME ON! You haven't told me what you think yet! I NEED TO KNOW!"


"CLAIRE! CALM DOWN! Let me get a word in edgeways woman! Right, well, I didn't like it," came Lindsays voice.

Didn't like it? HOW CAN SHE NOT LIKE IT?!


My reply was quick and loud. "How can you not like them?! Have you seen/heard them?!"

"Yes, I have seen them, and heard them and I don't like them because I love them!" She laughed.

"God, you gave me a heart attack then, leading me into thinking you didn't like them! Whos your fave?" I said.

"Paul. Deffinately," came her response. 

"Danny's my fave," I said with a smile, as I thought about his lip bite, his gorgeous smile, the way he treat his fans-"Hello? Earth to Claire? Are you listening to me?" Lindsay shouted down the phone.

"Huh, what? Sorry, I was daydreaming."

"I thought you were. You and your daydreaming. I said that at least we don't have to argue over who gets who haha. Not that they'd notice us. Anyway, want to go shopping tomorrow?"

"Sure, sure," I replied quickly. I was in need of a big shop: I had some money that was burning a hole in my pocket. I said bye, and put down the phone.


It was late, so I checked twitter for one last time, which I always do before bed. My heart started to beat faster when I saw that Danny had said he and Paul were hitting the mall tomorrow, and I had a sudden thought that I might bump into them, but then I got a grip of myself. I mean, there's several malls in Maryland. The chances of bumping into them were very, very slim.


Still, there was no harm in dreaming about it, I thought, as I curled up in bed after putting my laptop away. When I fell asleep, I dreamed of meeting Paul and Danny, and of how amazing it would be...

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