The Newest Cullen

Set after breaking dawn. Nessie finds a girl in the forest. She's in the process of changing into a vampire. When she wakes she doesn't- like Alice- remember anything of her past life, she doesn't even remember her name. This is her story.

I originally wrote this on so if you like it, chapters will probably be on that site first:


3. Hunting (Part 2)


The elk didn't stand a chance. There were three vampires after them, and Bella, Alice and I had them down within seconds. The one I had caught was small, so Alice swapped with me apparently, I needed it more than her. The huge elk was drained in seconds, my throat still burned a little but it was bearable.

"Are you finished?" Alice asked me. "Yeah," I replied. "Come on, I want to show you something." she said and ran back to the house. I smiled and started to run after her. "Hey new girl!" Bella shouted as I ran. "If you hate surprises I feel your pain." I laughed at that and ran back. As I ran I thought about this family. I mean do they really want me here, Nessie, Alice and Esme had seem to like me but the others hadn't shown any likeness towards me, they'd just stood there watching me. I ran passed a river and saw my reflection. I immediately stopped and stared. I looked good. I don't remember what age I am, but I looked around sixteen, my hair was long, blonde and curled at the bottom. In some ways I kind of looks a little like Rosalie. Like the others my skin was a pale white, by my eyes were a bright, burning red. I heard Bella. "Dont worry, after a while the animal blood dilutes them. They turn a topaz color like the rest of us" I left my reflection, and ran full speed all the way back to the house.
When I arrived I found that Nessie, had returned. She ran up to me and grabbed my hand. "Come on Alice is upstairs!" She half yelled and pulled me upstairs. She was strong. When we reached the top of the stairs, she continued to pulled me the entire way, until we came to a door. "Go on inside. Alice is in there, so is Rose." She said, sounding a little calmer than she'd been about a minute ago.
I walked into the room, I saw Alice and Rosalie standing back obviously admiring it. It was an amazing room. It was white with a stripe of pink going from one wall, along the roof and down the other side. There was a block pink desk and computer, a walk in wardrobe, shelves, and some beanbags. I saw a flat screen TV on one of the walls and opposite was a bed, it was covered in colored cushions. And in front of them was a little tan teddy bear, it was scruffy and old looking. But before I could think anymore about, Alice spoke, "Do you like it?" she asked. "It really cool. Who's room is it?" I asked absently, still looking around me at the room.
"It's yours, if you want it" Rosalie said.

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