The Newest Cullen

Set after breaking dawn. Nessie finds a girl in the forest. She's in the process of changing into a vampire. When she wakes she doesn't- like Alice- remember anything of her past life, she doesn't even remember her name. This is her story.

I originally wrote this on so if you like it, chapters will probably be on that site first:


2. Hunting (Part 1)

They told me I was a vampire, but right now I didn't care. I was alive, to me that was all that mattered. I'm sure that if I remembered my human existence I would have been in a lot more shock and fear, but I couldn't remember what it was like to be a human so right now I'm just glad that this family found me. They don't harm humans only animals, and I don't what to hurt anyone. They told me there are covens of vampires out there they kill humans just for the pleasure of it, so again I'm happy Nessie found me and not a member of a different coven.
The reason that Jacob smells so bad to me is because he is a wolf, a vampires natural enemy. He and his pack protect humans from vampires and because the Cullen's dont hurt humans they are sort of friends. Nessie though, she's confusing Edward and Bella had to explain to me a number of times, that Nessie was their biological daughter despite the fact that they are both vampires and it's meant to be impossible.
After they had finished, I looked around the table in which we sat. The room was perfect, and there was a huge window that covered the length of one of the wall, from where I was sitting I could see out of it for miles. I saw the delicate leaves, the wings of the insects and the fur and feathers of the birds and animals. I could hear the birds singing, the insects wings buzzing, the running water from the rivers and streams. "Alice, Bella take her hunting, she needs to feed." Esme said. The second I heard the word feed I was taken over by a burning sensation in my throat, it hurt, and i felt like just ripping my own throat out. Alice and Bella got up from their seats and went through a door that lead outside I followed as fast as I could.
They ran, at full vampire speed into the forest and I followed, I saw Bella nod to Alice, and Alice vanished. Bella and I ran through the woods, the sun was shining as we ran and I saw that it made us both sparkle, my skin looked like a thousand diamonds. Then we slowed, and finally stopped. "Where's Alice?" I asked. Bella looked around, probably seeing if Alice had returned. "She making sure that there are no humans around. So you can hunt without the temptation of human blood." I nodded. "Close your eyes" She said, and I did as I was told. "Listen," I listened to the sounds of the tree, I heard everything. But then I heard them, elk. "I hear them" I said. "Now like your instincts take over and go get them." She spoke softly, and I took off.

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