The Newest Cullen

Set after breaking dawn. Nessie finds a girl in the forest. She's in the process of changing into a vampire. When she wakes she doesn't- like Alice- remember anything of her past life, she doesn't even remember her name. This is her story.

I originally wrote this on so if you like it, chapters will probably be on that site first:


4. A New Name, A New Start


Had I heard that right? Did she really say I could stay? I turned away from my day dream about how lovely the room was and looked directly at Rosalie. "I can stay?" I asked, trying not to come across to desperate. I really like this family, I woken up like three hours ago, and already this house felt like home. "Yes, we voted while you were hunting, we already new that Alice and Nessie wanted you to stay, and Bella would go with Edwards choice so it didn't matter that some weren't there. But everyone agrees that you should stay. This is your new room, if you want it." Rosalie smiled at me. Rosalie was probably the most beautiful vampire in the entire world, though I've only seen about eight of the worlds vampires not counting myself. Once the words that I could stay left her mouth, I ran over to her and Alice and hugged them. Hard. "Easy there newborn, your really strong..." Rosalie choked out. I'd forgot about my new super strength. I let them go immediately, "Sorry." I said.

"Right," Alice said. "Rose and I, are going shopping, Nessie look after her," Nessie nodded, then Alice and Rosalie disappeared out the door in a flash.
"Name picking time," Nessie half yelled. Then she jumped on to the perfectly made bed, I walked over and sat down next to her sprawled out body.

"Okay, so each couple picked a name while you were gone, you pick your favourite two, and one will be your first name and the other your middle name, got it?" She explain, I nodded. "Right, Carlisle and Esme picked Eleanor, Rosalie and Emmett picked Madeline, my parents picked Nina, Alice and Jasper picked Spencer, and Jake and I picked Dakota." I started to think about the names but then some occurred to me, she'd said couples. Jacob and her were going out? Isn't he like twenty-five or something? I know earlier when I woke up that he'd taken her hand, but I'd thought maybe that was just for comfort purposes. "You and Jacob are a couple?" I asked, concern and confusion in my voice. "It's really complicated, I'll explain later but first, pick a name" She replied, not really answering my question at all,
"I like Dakota," I said. "Yes! Haha you like the name I picked." I looked at her oddly. "Oh, they all thought it was a weird name." She laughed. "Right, Dakota now pick a middle; Spencer, Nina, Madeline or Eleanor."

I thought through them in my head and said, "Spencer" So my name is now, Dakota Spencer. "Well, Dakota Spencer Cullen, welcome to the Cullen family" I hear a voice say. I turned and saw Esme standing in the doorway. "Do you like your room?" she asked me. "Yes, thank you for letting me stay with you." I answered. "Not a problem, I'm glad you like it." She smiled. "Nessie, take Dakota to your room and find here something clean to wear, until Alice and Rosalie come back" I looked down at my ripped, battered clothes, that were covered in muck and blood, from my hunting trip. I looked disgusting, then I felt Nessie take me hand, and we both followed Esme out of my new room and into Nessie's.
Her room was just as perfect as mine, I looked around for a moment than they told me to go to the sink and wash of the blood and dirt from my hands. I water felt strangely comforting, running against my skin. It was relaxing. I heard a knock on the door, and Nessie came in. "Here, put these on." I smiled and took the neatly folded clothes from her. She went back out the door, closing it behind her. I set the pile on the floor, and stripped of my dirt covered clothes, 'til I was i just my underwear. I stood there staring at my body. I was slim and tall, and very pale. The eyes still scared me a little, but as long as I stayed with this family they would be fine. I looked down at the clothes and lifted the floaty white top and put in over my head. Next the black skinny jeans, and the black leather jacket and then the pumps.
I looked into the mirror again and opened the door back into Nessie's room.

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