The Newest Cullen

Set after breaking dawn. Nessie finds a girl in the forest. She's in the process of changing into a vampire. When she wakes she doesn't- like Alice- remember anything of her past life, she doesn't even remember her name. This is her story.

I originally wrote this on so if you like it, chapters will probably be on that site first:


5. A month on...


I don't know how I did it, but I've been officially a vegetarian vampire for a month or some now and it's going great. The Cullens' are so nice and excepting, and they have really helped me lower the feeling of needing to hurt a human. Animal blood doesn't smell as nice but I suppose its okay. Normally I stay in the house with Esme, while Carlisle goes to work and the others go to school. I mostly just relax during the day, and I learn how to do things, like playing an instrument or painting, and sometimes Esme kind of home schools me, because I have no memory of the past. When the others get back I go hunting with Nessie and Jacob, or Alice and Jasper.

My appearance hasn't changed except my eyes; I look exactly the same as when I woke up all those weeks ago. My eyes are more Topaz/Hazel color now, though there's still a reddish tint. I wish it was gone completely though. I feel as though I'm doing really well, and I want to go to school with the others, but I know I can't as long as my eyes are even the slightest bit red. They all say that I can't go anyway, because I'm still a newborn and I have to wait at least a year before I'm ready to interact with the humans.

They told me about their gifts too. I don't have one as far as I know, but Bella, Edward, Nessie, Alice and Jasper do. Jasper can alter your emotions, which can be a little annoying. Alice can see the future, she basically has these visions, that show her what will happen, but her visions can always change. She told me that as long as I continue the way I'm going I'll be fine. Edward can read minds, well hear thoughts. Since I heard that I've been careful of what I think about. Bella is a shield; meaning she can like block out some vampire vampires gifts for example Edward can't read her mind. Honestly I think that if he could their relationship would be a little creepy. Finally there's Nessie, she can communicate by touching you, she can show you things and her past memories. Apparently before I arrived she went through a phase where she would only communicate this way, it made things a little awkward at school, because the teachers would ask her something and she wouldn't reply. She got in a lot of trouble for it, I would have given anything to see it.

Today was a Friday and everyone was gone even Esme. She had gone shopping, so I was home alone. This doesn't happen very often but when it does I usually do for a walk in the forest, I don't go hunting just I go for a normal walk at what I call human speed.

Alice had warned me earlier that I would have to be back before sunset because a group of teenagers were going camping, and if one of they was drunk or something and fell, if there was blood it might trigger my hunting instincts and I might hunt them, which is something I do not want to do.

I love the outdoors, Carlisle thinks it's a trait that passed over from my human life, I just love everything about it, especially the rivers and streams. So as I sat there beside the water, I zoned out and didn't see the boy that was coming up behind me.

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