The Newest Cullen

Set after breaking dawn. Nessie finds a girl in the forest. She's in the process of changing into a vampire. When she wakes she doesn't- like Alice- remember anything of her past life, she doesn't even remember her name. This is her story.

I originally wrote this on so if you like it, chapters will probably be on that site first:


1. Awakening

I awoke to the sound of voices. I tried to open my eyes but was blinded by a bright light above, so instead held them tightly shut. My head ached, my limbs felt cold and numb, but I could sense the world around me, I hear cars that were driving, chugging fuel on the freeway. I smelt the forest, the scent of trees and so many different animals. I didn't understand it. How can I hear cars but smell the forest, beneath though I felt neither, I felt a bed. A soft pillow. My head was filled with questions... Where was I? How did I get here? Why do I feel so strange? Then I heard a voice, it was a women she spoke softly, "She's awake" she said. Thats when I new I had to open my eyes, to see where I was and to meet these people.
I blinked a few times to get my eyes focus and not get damaged by the strong light above me. I sat up quickly- too quickly and scanned the room around me, it was filled with people all of which were really pale except two. There were five men and five women, one of the men was very tan the others were a pale white color, same with the women except the teenage girl wasn't pale she was just a normal human color. She stepped forward, "Hi, I'm Nessie," Her voice was captivating, it was utterly perfect and sounded like a summer breeze, gentle and calming. "What's your name?" She asked. But the trouble was I couldn't remember, I tried too, I thought hard but I couldn't remember anything from before I woke up. What was wrong with me? Had I had an accident and was suffering from memory loss? But I didn't remember. "I don't have one..." I said to her, though my voice sounded wrong. She looked at me, she looked just as confused as I was. "What do you mean, everyone has a name," Then she turned and pointed to the people standing around the room, "Thats Alice and Jasper," she said pointing to a man and a woman. Alice's was small and pixie like and Jasper had blond hair, "Thats Rosalie and Emmett," She said turning and pointing at a beautiful blond and a tall muscular man. "Thats Jacob," Jacob was the tall, tan man, "Their Carlisle and Esme, and thats my mom and dad Bella and Edward." Bella and Edward were to busy staring at each other to notice me. Nessie turned back to me and spoke, "Well, if you don't have a name, I'm going to name you." I hear the muscular man, Emmett laugh, "She not a puppy, Nessie, besides you've already got one of those" then Rosalie joined in laughing at their inside joke. I saw Nessie whip round fast to glare at him, "Shut up Emmett!" she said angrily. Then she faced me, "We can both pick a name..." I smiled. I took a deep breath but than I smelt it, a horrid stench, I covered my nose and gasped, "What is that smell?!" Everyone laughed at me, and the tanned man, Jacob stepped forward, "That would be me," He chuckled.
I saw him take Nessie's hand in his, "come on Nessie, thats leave the adults to sort this out." he said to her. She nodded smiling, and then they went to the balcony, and they just jumped off and disappeared into the woods. "Where did they go?" I said, "Hunting." Carlisle said. Wait, what did he mean hunting? "I understand your confused, but before I explain, I have a few questions. Come, We will talk down stairs." His voice was calm and comforting. So I did as I was told and follow them out of the room with the bed, and into a room full questions I didn't no the answer too.


Thank you if you read this Xx


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