In My Own World

This is about a girl called Martha and her thoughts while her Mum plays with her irritating brother Ben and her Dad struggles for his life fighting against the armies of Moorshaw on the borders of Ningwell, where Martha lives. Will it be a happy ending?


2. School

I walk slowly to school. I think I get hit by 4 snowballs but I'm not sure since I'm too far into my own world. I think about my Dad, who comes home once a year to be tended and nursed back to life. He's nearly dead because he's away in Moorshaw (the country next to ours: Ningwell) fighting to stop the huge armies of Moorshaw behind their borders. It's a bit of a grim way to spend your days I think, but then, I've got to go to school and endure endless hours of English teachers droning on about poetry or geography  teachers warbling on about a mountain I've never heard of before. Maybe I'll have a history teacher telling me about how excruciatingly painful it would of been to have been hung, drawn and quartered, while the rest of the class vomits all over her shoes. During my lessons (maths, science and some other boring things) I lean back on my chair and listen to my friends talking about boys and magazines and, oh, more boys. The science teacher talks aimlessly about plant reproduction. I think we were meant to be taking notes but somehow I couldn't. I was thinking about Dad's return journey to our house, and whether it will be his last one.

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