In My Own World

This is about a girl called Martha and her thoughts while her Mum plays with her irritating brother Ben and her Dad struggles for his life fighting against the armies of Moorshaw on the borders of Ningwell, where Martha lives. Will it be a happy ending?


1. Friday Morning

Today I woke up to the dull, grey of school. Even though it's Friday and I'll see my friends, the gloom loomed over me. As I slowly dragged myself out of my warm, cosy bed, my Mum called me.

"Martha! Come on, your Cheerios will get all soggy and we don't like that, do we Ben?" She croons at my little brother who just happens to be the most annoying brat in the world. I wandered into the kitchen, scuffing my slippers on the skirting board. "Does Ben have to be so loud and stupid?" I hissed at Mum.

"Oh I do wish you would be quiet Martha! You've got to be nice to him! He's just a lot younger than you. Now, sit down and stop moaning. Just think, today Dad's coming home." 

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