In My Own World

This is about a girl called Martha and her thoughts while her Mum plays with her irritating brother Ben and her Dad struggles for his life fighting against the armies of Moorshaw on the borders of Ningwell, where Martha lives. Will it be a happy ending?


4. Dad

I walk through our shabby door and stand still, taking in my surroundings. About 10 men are standing in our small kitchen, dodging round to avoid colliding with Ben. In the middle of them I spot him. Dad. He's got a dirty rag tied messily around his forehead, where he's obviously been injured. He was reading a newspaper, but he looked up when I came in. "Hello Martha," he said, quietly. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," I whisper and then run up to him and hug him.

"My, you've grown a lot since the last time I saw you, Martha!"

I take a few seconds to look at the other men here. They all appear to be quite badly injured, leg injuries, broken arms, all sorts of different horrible injuries. I knew my Mum was a Doctor, but I don't re member her doing this last year or any other year before that. "Why are all these men here, Mum?" I ask.

"Because there's too many injured soldiers that I have to tend four times as many injuries as last year. Oh Martha, sorry but you'll have to share Ben's room until these men have gone back to war." Mum replies.

"Why? That's so annoying!"

"I'm sorry but I need your room to house some of the soldiers in. It'll only be for a few days," Sighs Mum.

Great. Now I have to share a room with Ben and put up with about 10 injured soldiers. Can life get any better? I definitely don't think so!

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