In My Own World

This is about a girl called Martha and her thoughts while her Mum plays with her irritating brother Ben and her Dad struggles for his life fighting against the armies of Moorshaw on the borders of Ningwell, where Martha lives. Will it be a happy ending?


3. Appearances

I run home from school, eager to hear the news of the battle scene, plus my Dad promised to tell me the reason for this dreadful war when I was 13. Since now I am 13 tomorrow, I am expecting to know why very soon. Ben will have to wait for ages though. Ben is only 3, with short blonde hair that sticks straight up in a way Mum thinks is cute (actually everyone apart from me seems to think it's cute. Why, I don't know.) He has big blue eyes and he's quite tall for his age actually. I, on the other hand have long straight hair and grey eyes and I am very thin and quite tall too actually. My Mum looks identical to Ben except she's fatter. My Dad's face looks like mine, but he is short and tubby.

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