Being friends with the KING OF POP

Hi im Paige im 15 and im best friends with non other than the King Of Pop Michael Jackson join me and MJ as we tell you what gose on be hind the sceens to the gorgeous and shy King Of Pop the magic and the mistry.


1. Let me tell you about Michael and me.

 authers note: just so you know im not verry good at spelling so im sorry for the mistakes in this but i loveto whright stories about Michael Jackson and One Direction thats all.


Paiges p.o.v

 Hi im paige Watson im 15 im come from Portsmouth in England "hey Paige" "hey MJ" thats my best friend Michael and yes i am friends with none other than the King Of Pop as you all know he is going to come wach my dance show at school Michael sais i'm quite the dancer today Michael is just chilling out with me and his kids Prince,Paris and Blanket, Prince was on the Xbox with Paris dancing on Michaels game the exprience and i have to admit,he was good hes also 15 and as they say 'like father like son'  he was doing pretty well "paige will you please come here" he said "ok" as i wallk over to him he was sat on the sofa with his arm out resembling he wanted me to sit with him so i sat next to him he put his arm around me and he looked up at me i could tell something was rong with him ethan though he was trying to hide his sadness i could scence somthing was rong you know that felling when you know that youre friend of famlie member is upset and you know som things up its that kind of feling "Michael whats rong" "nothings rong im fine why" he said he faked a smile and looked at me straight in the eyes to try and convince me he was ok but i wasnt byeing it "Michael there is somthing rong with you i can tell" "what do you mean thers nothing rong with me Paige" he said "MJ please tell me i know there is something rong i can tell" "there is nothing bothering me honestly" he said looking me in the eye whilst trying to reashure me he was ok "c'mon im one of youre best friends you can tellme anything" " *sigh* its nothing you need worry about" "ok but if you ever need any one to talk to im all ways here for you"

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