I Know You're Not Reading This

I know you're not reading this, but I still hate you. I always will. What gives you the right? I'm holding onto the hope you won't come back but if you do, count yourself dead.


2. Moving On

"Miss Summers, tell me what you saw on the day."

I breathed in and stopped. What did I know about the day? I knew Jay had tried, but they got away. I could describe the young lad. Would that be any use?

"I don't remember too much. I got up, heard them moving things. I got Jay up and we stood by the door, then Jay went out where they could see him. I heard a fight but I didn't go out because I was scared. When I came out, Jay was on the floor. The lad, I..."

I stopped. Jay smiled at me and I nodded. The policeman stared at me, leaning forward to inspect my face and expression. I sighed.

"I saw him. He had brown hair, a long face and was quite small. He was thin and had a ying yang tattoo behind his...left ear."

I breathed out. The policeman smiled thankfully, then turned to Jay and began asking him the same. Jay was frowning at me but never differed my story. Lying felt sweet.

I sat on the sofa. The doors were locked, the windows closed and I was alert. The TV was just a blur, a backdrop to my watching face. Jay came out of the kitchen and smiled.

"You'll be fine." He said and he sat down with me. I sighed.

"It's been a while." I nodded. Jay knew what I meant. Exactly a year since we were robbed. I'd let myself be paranoid for 365 days now. A year of my life had slipped away, but my therapist said it could be up to a decade before I'd be happy and relaxed on my own in my home.

"You could move on." Jay smiled. I knew I should but he knew I wouldn't. I wanted to have a family here, where I felt safe. We may have Amanda but she was already on the way when the robbery happened. The extra bedroom would forever be empty if I didn't move on. I laughed. Amanda didn't know about it, Jay had moved on but his wife was hung up on an old robbery. I felt pressured, but I trusted Jay.

"I think I have."

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