Letters Best Unread (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Everybody is worried about Niall Horan. He gets loads of hate and insults everyday, and everyone's worried that it's getting worse to him than the others. Niall thinks he's fine, but agrees to go to the doctor.The doctor has him write pretend letters to a fake address. No one expected for the address to be real. No one expected Niall's letters to reach her. She got the letters that no one was supposed to get, and she read every single emotion and pain he wrote about. Somehow she fell in love with him.


6. Six.


Another day passed and Janelle couldn’t help but shower and dress with impeccable speed that morning. She wanted so badly to see if she'd gotten another letter. She'd spend the night tossing and turning and wondering about it. She wanted to know more about this person, and she hoped that they would reveal who they were. At least thir gender would be a good start.


The drive to the post office seemed so much longer now, and Janelle felt the anticipation rising up inside of her. She felt as if this happening to her was some sort of omen. She wasn’t usually the one to believe in fate, but she could just tell that these letters were meant for her. The guilt of reading someone's private letters would always arise but everything happens for a reason right?


Janelle burst through the doors trying her best to hide the excitement. She asked politely for her letters, and watched with wide eyes as the lady seemed to take even longer to go grab them. Finally the small stack of letters was in her hand and she went frantic until she finally found what she was looking for. Even though she was in the middle of a post office, Janelle ripped open the letter right then and there.


"Dear, ----


I still haven’t figured a name for you, and I haven’t thought about it yet. I don’t think it should bother me that you don’t, but it would make all of this seem more real. Real is good. I just realized just now how selfish I've been. It's only the second day being with this Doctor and she already yelled at me. She's right though. I've been moping around over myself and not trying to get better when my mum was so sad along with everyone else. The boys were all emotional before I left, but I wasn’t. it was almost like I wasn’t even feeling until now. All these emotions are just starting to hit me.

Doctor is staring at me as I write this. She's probably glad that I'm writing this much, but I'm not even writing about anything important. Me and her were talking before just earlier and she asked me what hurts I mean, I don’t even know. Is it possible to say that everything hurts nowadays? Every single thing that happens to me I can find some hurt in it somehow. I never really thought that it was possible, but I think that the words people say can hurt someone more than a punch or something. You would think that what people say can't bother someone this much, but it does. You just sit there and think over and over about what that person said until you begin to believe it too. It really hurts. I thought that I worked hard to be where I am and then people say I don’t deserve to be with the lads.

I have a feeling that somewhere along the way you're going to get annoyed with all my constant whining. You're not real though so it doesn’t really matter what you think. Ha ha. I'm done here. I promise I will think of a name for you tomorrow. "


Janelle read his words over two times after the first. His words hit her too because she understood tem. She'd been bullied at her school, and it was so severe that she became home schooled. She understood the way words can hurt you in a way nothing else can. And Janelle knew that the celebrities always got hate, but some went as far to say that this person didn’t deserve to be in their band? It was absolutely sickening. Janelle didn’t know if she was exactly correct, but she had a feeling that whoever was writing this was a boy. And, for whatever reasons, that made her even more excited about these letters.


Janelle went home and for the rest of the day worked on her house. She began painting the walls a tan color in her bedroom, and added new light bulbs to each light throughout the house. It wasn’t a major start, but it was a start all the same and for that she felt good. The whole entire time the recent letter was in her mind, and she couldn’t help but be excited for the next morning. If her assumptions were correct, this person wass being forced to write letters to someone they thought wasn't real for medical reasons, and somehow those letters were mailed very, very quickly. Hey, no one ever said Janelle was stupid!


And so began Janelle's slight obsession with Niall Horan. She didn’t know who he was, but she vowed to herself that she would find whoever was writing these letters. And Janelle was a very adventurous person, and when she made a vow, she didn’t break it. One day she would find this person. If it was the last thing she did, she would find him.


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