Letters Best Unread (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Everybody is worried about Niall Horan. He gets loads of hate and insults everyday, and everyone's worried that it's getting worse to him than the others. Niall thinks he's fine, but agrees to go to the doctor.The doctor has him write pretend letters to a fake address. No one expected for the address to be real. No one expected Niall's letters to reach her. She got the letters that no one was supposed to get, and she read every single emotion and pain he wrote about. Somehow she fell in love with him.


13. New story. :)



Okay yeah its not an update but can you pleeaase read my new story?? Its a short story for a contest. 

Please read it and let me know how it is because I need honest opinions from you guys :D

http://www.movellas.com/en/book/read/201303211658349815 <-- the link :)

Do comment on it :)



-Duaa x

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