Letters Best Unread (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Everybody is worried about Niall Horan. He gets loads of hate and insults everyday, and everyone's worried that it's getting worse to him than the others. Niall thinks he's fine, but agrees to go to the doctor.The doctor has him write pretend letters to a fake address. No one expected for the address to be real. No one expected Niall's letters to reach her. She got the letters that no one was supposed to get, and she read every single emotion and pain he wrote about. Somehow she fell in love with him.


4. Four.


"Dear, ----


Am I even supposed to write a name? This is all fake so what does it even matter? This is all stupid. Doctor says I'm supposed to let out my feelings. I have a feeling doctor might die soon she looks about  a hundred years old. Maybe if she died I wouldn't have to come here anymore. I'm not wishing that she dies, but still. I don't know what I'm talking about. Maybe I am going mad?

I think you should have a name because I feel stupid writing this to no one. I'll think of one sometime. It looks like I'll be writing a lot more letters. What am I even supposed to do now? Isn't this stupid? My hand hurts from writing. Its nothing compared to those hours and hours of writing my names on cover of albums a thousand times. Yeah, I'm famous. I sing and I'm rich and I'm famous. That's all anyone seems to care about. No one wants to get to know me. Doctors say I can stop now. Thank god. I guess I'll just go now. Until next time...."


Janelle read over the note over and over. What does this letter mean? Surely it was sent to the wrong person, but the person writing this didn't even know who they were writing to. Janelle stuffed the letter in her pocket and tried to forget about it on her way to the grocery store. It was nothing. Someone had just made a mistake in the address. The person sounded so distressed though. Janelle couldn't help but want to help her -or was it a boy?


Apparently this person was in need of a doctor, and needed to let out their feelings. Feelings about what? And what did they mean by "Until next time"? None of this made sense. Janelle tried to forget about this letter as she grabbed a shopping cart and began wheeling it along the market. She ran through her list of necessaties in her mind.


Milk, shampoo, egg, paper, pencils -the person had talked about their hand hurting. The person was supposedly famous. Janelle began wondering what this person was famous for, but then mentally smacked herself. She wasn't supposed to be thinking of this letter. It was probably just some sick joke anyway. The rest of the shopping was spent not thinking about the letter, much to her happiness. On the way home, however, she began thinking about it once again. She literally couldn't get the stupid letter out of her head. Should she write back? She thought as she pulled into her driveway with her small bag of groceries, in her hand. If she did write back, how would this person feel? This person thinks that they're writing to no one, but in reality they're writing to an eighteen year old girl. Janelle's body shook involuntarily. She couldn't imagine how embarrassed she would be if it happened to her. She was curious on what the next letters would say too, so she decided to wait.


Janelle laughed as she put the groceries away. She laughed once more. What harm could these letters do anyway?


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