Letters Best Unread (A Niall Horan Love Story)

Everybody is worried about Niall Horan. He gets loads of hate and insults everyday, and everyone's worried that it's getting worse to him than the others. Niall thinks he's fine, but agrees to go to the doctor.The doctor has him write pretend letters to a fake address. No one expected for the address to be real. No one expected Niall's letters to reach her. She got the letters that no one was supposed to get, and she read every single emotion and pain he wrote about. Somehow she fell in love with him.


12. Eleven.

As soon as Janelle woke up and finished eating breakfast the following morning, she took all the letters she had received so far and put them in her empty cookie jar on the counter in her kitchen. She wasn’t even sure why she had bought a cookie jar because she never planned on putting cookies in it, but she just felt like she needed one. But now it had come to a good use. It would hold all the letters she got and now she wouldn’t lose them.



After she was done doing that, Janelle grabbed her laptop and got on Twitter. She was a teenage girl, so of course she had one. It seemed like the mainstream sort of thing to do, and everyone loved it so she figured she would make one. It was sad that she was still trying to figure out how to work it. As she read the tweets she noticed that tons of people were mentioning the band Janelle had discovered the previous night. And they were talking about some sort of Twitcam that one of the members had done. Janelle didn’t even know what a Twitcam was. All of these girls seemed pretty upset by it so it obviously wasn’t good. The following orning after she had eaten breakfast, Janelle gathered up all the letters, she thought as she read some more.


Apparently the boy –his name was Niall- looked really upset over something on his Twitcam. And apparently a Twitcam was some sort of live video streaming site for Twitter. Janelle didn’t really understand the whole concept, but it was whatever. It was a common story though. Celebrities always became all depressed over hate usually and it went down-hill from there. If Janelle ever got famous she figured she’d do pretty well with the hate. Obviously the people who send hate are jealous of the fame and fortune and do it to go inside your head. Well, that’s the way Janelle sees it. If the poor kid was really down due to hate she felt bad for him. It was a pity because it seemed that his band was very successful.


Closing the laptop, Janelle grabbed her keys off the hook near the door and went outside to her car. She hadn’t had time to get her mail this morning, and it was becoming sort of like a daily routine now, so she figured she might as well go get the letter now. It was sort of exciting getting the letters each day. Here she was just a normal girl living a boring life and she got to read the life of someone else. She couldn’t decide if it was illegal or what, but it was still interesting no matter how sad this person’s life was.


The ride was boring as usual, so Janelle turned on the radio to see what new music was on. As soon as she turned on the popular channel, a song began blasting through the speakers with a catchy beat.


Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell you don’t know oh-oh you don’t know you’re beautiful.

That’s what makes you beautiful.


Janelle found herself rocking her head to the beat, and she was surprised because she usually didn’t like pop artists like these. She usually went for more of the underground artists, but this song was really catchy. And she wanted to hear who the band was, but she arrived at the post office as the song was ending, and she was too anxious to read the letter to wait. She’d probably hear it another time.


By now, the lady who worked at the post office knew that Janelle came every day, so she had her mail pile waiting on the counter corner. It’s become sort of a daily routine for Janelle to walk in, smile at her once, and take her mail and read it in her car while she goes with her day. So that’s exactly what she did.


Dear Princess,


I cant stand this doctor. She thinks she’s helping me but she isn’t. she thinks all these things that she has me do will fix me or whatever. Nothing she’s done so far has helped; it’s actually made everything worse. I thought that I would be doing things where I just talk about how I feel or whatever. She makes me do all these things and they only make me hate myself even more.

But do you think I’m ugly? Do you think I dress weird? Is my voice not good enough? Is the way I act not right? What’s wrong with me? What have I done that is so terribly wrong? I can sit in front of a screen doing virtually nothing and people can still find things to hate about me. Is it one of the perks of being famous? How do the other celebrities deal with it? Is there something wrong with me that makes me too weak to handle it?

I wish you could answer me back. I wish one day I would get a letter and it be you telling me that it’s going to be okay, and I want to believe you. Is it childish that I pretend that you’re a real person and that you’re my princess that I’ve been waiting for? Is it stupid for me to think that? I want to find you one day. But maybe I’ll never be good enough for anyone. Maybe I was some sort of mistake in this world.

I’m sorry that this letter is all over the place. I’m still shaking from last night from what I almost did. I’m scared to tell you. You might judge me like the others, but you cant because, again, you aren’t real. It makes me so fucking mad that you aren’t real. You know everything about me. Well, almost. You don’t even know my name. Do you want to know? Do you mind me cursing? I guess I’ll never find out.

Until tomorrow…hopefully. I’ll be in a better mood. I’ll try, really. I’ll try for you.



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