Death Sentence

Rebekkah was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl when she witnessed the murders of her family... and was the only one who got away. Two years later, no one expected the killer would be roaming the streets once again. When one of Rebekkah's bodyguards were killed, she goes undercover at a high school in Florida. But, when she starts getting threats in her locker... will she speak up or take death as an omen?


5. Missing

I was picked up by Garrett when school ended. The day was vague, except for drama.  I still can't get the feel of his stare off my back.

When we got to the safe house, I slung my bag on to the coffee table and laid down on the loveseat. Garrett scurries off to his room and I heard the door shut.

I decided the house was too quiet, so I turned the television on and the afternoon news popped up on the screen.

I went into the kitchen and started to contemplate what to make for dinner. I figured that BLT's would be good so I put so bacon in a pan and as soon as the sizzling started, Garrett came out of his room. I laughed as he walked in with a goofy grin on his face. Obviously, he was thinking the same thing for dinner. As soon as I finished cutting all the vegetables and frying the bacon, I made Garrett two sandwiches and one for myself.

We sat down on the couch and started to eat.

" So, did you enjoy your first day of school?" Garrett says with his mouth full.

" It was boring. I did have a little awkward confrontation with a guy in my drama class, but that's it."

" What guy?"

" A jock. He bore holes into my back when I was in that class. It was creepy. He just sat there and stared at me the entire class."

Garrett chuckled. " Maybe the guy has a crush."

I scoffed, " No guy would ever crush on me. Nice try, though."

I take this time to look at the T.V. and frozen, my mouth dropping to the floor.

There was a picture of my family's killer, and the words, " Suspect in homicide investigation missing from cell."


Hey Guys!

I know... I know... it's be a long time. I promise I haven't neglected you! These last few months have been very busy and I haven't had time to write. I hope you forgive me. I think this chapter made up for the lack of writing. I hope you enjoyed and I will try to post soon!


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