Death Sentence

Rebekkah was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl when she witnessed the murders of her family... and was the only one who got away. Two years later, no one expected the killer would be roaming the streets once again. When one of Rebekkah's bodyguards were killed, she goes undercover at a high school in Florida. But, when she starts getting threats in her locker... will she speak up or take death as an omen?


3. Foul Play

And I did.

Alexander had been cut into pieces and scattered. It was done somewhere else because there would be a large blood stain on the surrounding grass. The scene was like something out of a horror film. But the thing that stood out the most was that the pieces spelt the words 'I'm coming'.

I shuddered and my breath became smaller and smaller spans. My heart was beating a mile a minute and the next thing I saw was darkness.



I woke up to a dimly lit room with white walls and a guy sleeping in a chair next to the bed. Garrett.

I shook his arm slightly and his head popped up.

" Well if it isn't Sleeping Beauty." I laughed and punched his arm.

That's when I get a flashback. Skin pieces on the ground, spelling out words, then darkness. " Did I faint?"

" Yeah. We're at First Baptist Hospital. You didn't sustain a concussion when you fell, which is a good thing. They said once you wake up, we can check out."

He packs his night bag and hands me my stuff that was on me when I fainted.

" We are going to Florida."


Author's note

Its short, I know was having writers block so this a filler chapter. I wanted to remind you how much your comments mean to me and the more people add this to their favorites list the faster I will post. Please get your friends to read and (hopefully) add me to their favorites. Thank you sooooooooo much for reading

Love ya,


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