Death Sentence

Rebekkah was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl when she witnessed the murders of her family... and was the only one who got away. Two years later, no one expected the killer would be roaming the streets once again. When one of Rebekkah's bodyguards were killed, she goes undercover at a high school in Florida. But, when she starts getting threats in her locker... will she speak up or take death as an omen?


1. Ending Sentence

Murder. What child knows that word?

How about the words 'Not Guilty'? Those are the two words that a suspect wants to hear. Those are the two words that my family's killer heard in court.

Injustice. That's what the verdict was. I sat in the same pew for two years to hear those words come out of the jury's mouth.

Now, the man roams the streets, free and found innocent. Now, he's after the one person he couldn't get to before she ran. Me.

When the trial was up, he turned back to me and grinned with a gleam in his eyes. That's when I screamed and lost my sanity. The officers had to grab hold of me before I pounced on him.

I wailed and flailed my arms. He couldn't get away with this. My whole family is gone because of him. I have nothing to go home to.

After a minute, I sunk in the arms of the men and sobbed.

They can't do this to me.

I drop my keys on the counter by the threshold in my apartment where I , and the FBI men appointed to watch me, stay. They are filing in right behind me.

They were rugid looking men, both muscled and tall. They would have stood well over a foot above my father, if he were here. They both wore a suit and tie out, but usually take the jacket and tie of when we get "home."

" Miss Rebekkah, do you want to eat now?" asked Garrett as he took off his jacket.

He had gone into the kitchen. His badge was still clipped to the hem of his pants. His gun was there to, but hidden under the hem was the business end of it. I hope he never has to use it.

His dark brown hair was slicked back by a noticable amount of gel and his brown eyes were rimmed with blue, an obvious sign of contacts. His actual eyes were a dark blue. He would wear his glasses when he was lounging around on a lazy day.

His partner, Alexander, had joined him in the small area. Alexander looked nothing like Garrett. His hair was a sandy blonde and sunglass where perched on top the mess of curls. His green eyes contrasted his pale skin. He was married and had two beautiful children with his wife, Aibleen.

"Miss Rebekah?"

I pop out of my thoughts at the sound of my name. They were grabbing fruits and vegetables from the fridge.

" I don't see how you guys can eat." I walk over and sit at the bar.

" Sweetheart, it's how you support life. Of course we are going to eat." Garrett said as he took another bite from his apple.

" I don't know what I have to live for anymore. Braeker is free, my family is six feet under. He's probably gonna come after me now." I don't cry often, but I couldn't help the irriant tear that streamed down my face. I put my head in my hands.

Garrett leaned over and wipe the tear away with his thumb. " Don't cry. We won't let him get you. He's under close survalience. You have no need to worry."

" I do. He could be watching the apartment from afar right now, waiting for me to walk out into the night and snipe me."

" That isn't gonna happen. Stop dwelling on the negative." Alexander joined. "Anyways, if he were going to kill you, he wouldn't shoot you. He would decapitate you so you could suffer like your family did."

I started to bawl. I stood up and went into my room. I shut and locked my door. I need to be alone. I can hear the men fighting. Sooner or later, I doze into a deep sleep that I hope will never end.

My eyes flutter open when I feel a hand shaking my shoulder. It was a gentle shake, I almost missed it. I sat up and moved my hair out of my face. There was rays of light shining through the curtains.

Garrett was sitting next to my bed. They never wake me up.

" Mornin'. Is something wrong?" I grumble.

He stood, only to sit in the empty space on my bed. His eyes were sad through his thick rimmed glasses.

" Alexander didn't come back last night from seeing his family. I called HQ this morning and they found his car, abanded about twenty minutes ago. I was contemplating how to tell you. They said that we need to relocate."

My jaw dropped to the point where I was catching flies. Alexander is missing?

" This is all my fault."

" How is all this your fault?"

" If he wasn't my personal care taker, Braeker wouldn't have taken him. He would be home with his family. He would be kissing his wife good night, not goodbye. He would be taking his kids to school and picking them up for dinner."

He looked me straight in the eye while saying, " Stop being guilty. No one would have known."

Garrett went to my drawers and started packing my clothes and tolietries. He didn't bother to fold anything, he just stuffed the bags full.

When he finished, he tugged me up and to the door. His bags were sitting outside the threshold. There were a few black duffels and grocery bags.

The SUV that we travel in is sitting in its reserved spot. It was black with silver lining and rims. The windows were tint so anyone on the outside couldn't see in. It looks like the perfect ride for a drug dealer.

As we drive away, I fall asleep and my nightmares begin.




Hey guys! Thanks so much for reading my beginning chapter. I know it my not be great but it means alot to me that you stuck around to read. I will try to update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I hope you enjoyed and will come back for more!

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