Death Sentence

Rebekkah was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl when she witnessed the murders of her family... and was the only one who got away. Two years later, no one expected the killer would be roaming the streets once again. When one of Rebekkah's bodyguards were killed, she goes undercover at a high school in Florida. But, when she starts getting threats in her locker... will she speak up or take death as an omen?


4. Drama Horror

We walked through the double door entryway to Armwood High in February, more than half way through the school year. Garrett said that I need to be inconspicuous and the only way to do that is to be a normal teenager and go to school. I don't even know what normal is anymore.

We enter the main hallway and I get glances, death stares, general attention every new kid gets their first day. I have never been to a public school. My parents homeschooled me and my brother.

Garrett and I find our way to the main office where I was to receive my schedule for classes. He said goodbye and left me to my own devices. I pulled my dark auburn hair back into a ponytail and headed to Mr. Winston's class, Performing Arts.  

I enter to see separated groups of kids talking amongst themselves. Obviously, the cliques. There were a group of boys all wearing glasses and suspenders, staring at these really preppy girls who's shirts too low and shorts cut too high. Then, there were the boys in the back with various sporting jerseys on, laughing at some joke that no one else knew. Also, there were three girls huddle in the corner who seemed to actually look like regular teenagers.

As the bell rang, I took my seat at the far side of the room and a man in his mid forties walks in with a scarf around his neck.

He went straight to the board and wrote, " Welcoming New Student" in a delicate cursive. Great, the death of me.

" Where's Rebekkah Harp?" He asks instantly after writing it.

Dreadfully, I raise my hand and everyone turns to look at me. " Stand up please, sweetheart." He says.

My legs are shaking as I stand. I hate being singled out. I saw the guys smirk under their breath at my clothing because they aren't low cut or booty shorts. I wear respectible boot cut jeans, a baby blue blouse, and a Hollister jacket. Nothing special.

" Well, welcome to our class. I assume you have a talent considering you were placed in my class. Would you care to share?"

I was speechless but then composed myself enough to shake my head. I am sure I have been seen on the news about the murders of my families, but I felt this unusually stare from the side.

I turn to see a boy with dark, almost black, hair and royal blue eyes staring at me. He was wearing a Hawks football jersey and a blue letterman jacket. His jeans were black and he was bent with his hands interlaced in between his legs.  

I sit down, not feeling like standing anymore. The teacher had not spoke another word to me and I felt the same hard stare on my back. I found myself shrinking lower and lower into my chair.

Horror in disguise.



Hey Guys!

I'm back!!!! Thank you so much for reading. I love reading your comments even the bad ones so I know what to work harder on. Keep commenting!

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