Death Sentence

Rebekkah was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl when she witnessed the murders of her family... and was the only one who got away. Two years later, no one expected the killer would be roaming the streets once again. When one of Rebekkah's bodyguards were killed, she goes undercover at a high school in Florida. But, when she starts getting threats in her locker... will she speak up or take death as an omen?


2. Call From Commander

I woke up a little while later and Garrett was on the phone.

" Sir, I can't put her through that. We all know that Harrison killed him. It has his signature all over it. Alex was cut into pieces with a jagged edge knife, just like her family. She'll go off the deep end."

Harrison Brareker was the man who destroyed my life. He is now a hated serial killer who got away. The man even looked loony. His hair was a disheveled brown and he has no eyebrows, which makes his eyes pop out of his head. He was no Ted Bundy.

I hear the whisper of the person on the other end and Garrett glanced at me, I guess whenever the person mentioned me.

He sighed. " Yes sir. Okay sir. Bye sir."

I could tell by his tone that he wasn't happy about what just happened.

" Is something wrong, Garrett?"

He doesn't answer until we come to yellow crime scene tape and a swarm of bright flashing lights huddled on the side of the interstate.

" They found him and my commander wants you to see the scene."

" Why?"

" He thinks you will be able to identify the killer."

I look at him with a confused look. He gets out and comes over to my side to open the door. " How will I be able to identify the killer?"

" You'll see."

And I did.



Hey Guys!

Sorry its so short wanted to keep the suspense. I hope you enjoyed it and will stick around for. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you mind telling your readers about my book and I will do the same?

See y'all in cyber space,

happygirrrrrl  :-) <3 



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