Saved by Niall

My dumbass parents kicked me out to die! Doesn't anybody care?
(Warning: foul language!)


4. You Don't understand

SHAYLA POV: Okay I definitely like Niall but, I like Zayn and then there's Harry. Grrr why was love life so complicated. I thought of what I liked about each of the boys. Niall: sweet, cute, charming, perfect, HORAN HUGS!, makes me feel safe, constantly eating. Zayn: mysterious, bad boy, sexy, perfect, charming, makes me feel safe. Harry: flirt, cute, tall, DIMPLES, young, fun, makes me feel safe, perfect. Louis: immature, fun, adorkable, perfect, silly, makes me feel safe. Liam: cute, strong, sensitive, fun, mature, makes me feel safe. Oh my carrots! Geez I need to stop hanging out with Louis. I checked the time, holy shiz 4:30 am I need to sleep, but I couldn't so i went and made pancakes! Big hands grabbed me and i was surrounded by the boys. "What?" I asked, innocently. "Go to bed for fucks sakes!" Harry groan, god! His morning voice with his British accent was so sexy! "Language!" Liam said. "Well sorry I couldn't help my self it 5 in the fucking morning!" Harry groaned. "LANGUAGE!" Liam yelled. "Hey guys where is Niall?" I asked. "Over here" he said, that bastard was eating my pancakes. "Get away from my pancakes!" I said. He backed away slowly, "sorry!" He whispered. "Here" I said throwing a pancakes at him. "Thanks" he smiled. "Goodnight boys!" I said as I skipped away. The next morning I woke up and the boys surrounded me and was laughing their asses off. "What?" I questioned. Suddenly my phone vibrated, it was a twitter mention. Fuck these boys are annoying, I looked at the picture of me with a sharpie mustache. "God dammit boys, I will get revenge!" I said. "Ooooohhh soooooo scared " they all said. Haha they didn't know what they were up against.
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