Saved by Niall

My dumbass parents kicked me out to die! Doesn't anybody care?
(Warning: foul language!)


3. Wow!

Saved By Niall
SHAYLA POV: life was perfect. "Niall?" I asked as we drove to his flat. "Yes Love?" He asked. "In the note you said you loved me? Is that true." I asked scared of the answer. "Yes!" He replied after a long time. When we got there he introduced me to the boys. "Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis" he said. "Why am I last," screamed Louis. He seemed uh, unique! "And your name is?" Asked Zayn. "Shayla but you can call me Shay!" I answered. "Shayla but you can call me Shay!" Louis mocked! "Shuddup!" I said. "Ohhh Niall you chose a feisty one!" Louis said wiggling his eyebrows. I burst out laughing, "look I can't thank you guys enough!" I whispered and looked down. "Well Love thank Niall he was the one who came up with the idea!" Liam explained. I had a feeling he was going to be a good friend of mine. So was that Louis! "Truth or dare?" Louis asked/yelled. "Sure?" I kinda questioned! I think I had a feeling this wasn't a clean truth or dare you would have played in third grade. But I played anyways. "Shay true or dare?" Louis asked. "Uh dare?" I answered. By the look on his face I could tell it was the wrong idea! "Dare you to uh kiss each of the guys for at least 20 seconds!" He said wiggling his eyebrows, which caused me to laugh. Okay here we go, well this was akaward. I started at Zayn then Liam then Harry then Louis then Louis again "hey get away!" I said to Louis after i kissed him the second time, which I didn't realize it was him until I kissed him. He looked hurt but then laughed. Now Niall, we kissed and his lips were soft and we moved in sync with each other. "Eh em" Louis interrupted, " it's been like 40 seconds guys" he said in a stupid voice. "Shuddup Louis" I said. Later i was thinking, I think I like Niall!
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