Saved by Niall

My dumbass parents kicked me out to die! Doesn't anybody care?
(Warning: foul language!)


5. Revenge... Almost

SHAYLA POV: They have no clue! Haha " Niall?" I yelled. "Yes love?" He answer. " when are you leaving? Is someone staying here with me?" I asked. "Soon and Harry" he replied. Yes this is going to work "okay" I said and skipped away. I bit my lip to keep me from smiling , "bye love" Niall yelled. "Bye" I yelled. Thump thump thump he comes Harry, here goes nothing. "Hey love." He said. "Hey babe" I said and took a step closer, our noses were touching. My hands slowly made their way down his chest, I whispered "Hey babe can I... Borrow money?." "Fucking tease!" He yelled and pulled out money, and mumbled something under his breath. "Thanks!" I kissed him on the cheek.

I bought everything I needed! They don't know what's about to hit them! I walked into their flat. "Hey" I screamed. "Hi!" A girl called out, "uh who are you?" I asked. "I'm Zeeyna (zee-Anna), Zayns girlfriend!" she said. She was beautiful, she had strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, medium hair, and skinny. (Ashlyn! Haha) "oh okay well I'm Shayla but you can call me shay or whatever you can come up with!" I replied, " okay!" She flashed a winning smile! She could be a freaking kick ass model! "Hey babe I see you have met GG!" He said with a wink! Fuck he knows I hate being called that! (GG is her nickname GG= goody good) "bitch" I mumbled but not quite enough. He laughed! He was laughing but tomorrow morning I will be laughing!

"Boys we have to leave tomorrow!" Simon said on the phone. "Fine" they all said.
This is even better! Better watch your backs boys! My plan is kick ass!
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