Saved by Niall

My dumbass parents kicked me out to die! Doesn't anybody care?
(Warning: foul language!)


2. My superman!

NIALL POV: I pass the same girl everyday begging for money. She was beautiful. Why was she on the street? I had to help her but not until night when its dark. Tonight I will go get her. I walked into the studio "Hey!" I yelled, the boys ran to me. "What took you so long mate?" Liam asked. "No time for that," Simon said, "Lets get recording!" After we recorded three songs it was time to take a break. "Hazza, can I talk to you?" I asked. "Sure Nialler. What is it?" He asked. "Alone." I said. We walked into the hall. "What?" He questioned. I sighed before answering "We'll you see there is this girl.." He cut me off, "ohh Nialler coming to Hazza for love advice?" "No! Listen. She's-she's homeless and I-I want her to stay with us, she is perfect, beautiful!" Did I just say that out loud? My eyes went huge. "And.." Harry asked. "Will you sneak out with me tonight and get her i have a plan that we can try and maybe she will wait for us!" I explained. "So what's the plan?" He asked. " okay well I'll give her money but tape a note to the back she will read it and it will say that she can live with us and we will meet her outside nandos at 12:07 am sharp" I said. "Okay," Harry agreed. "Let's get back to the studio!" I said. "Yes let's!" Harry yelled.

SHAYLA POV: " hello can i please have money?" I begged. " No go away" the man said. Oh that bitch "fine then be a bitch go home to your nice warm house while I sit out here and freeze my ass of you asshole!" I screamed. "Here!" A cute Irish accent rang out. "Thanks!" I whispered. He winked, he was adorable! So were all of his friends. Oh well I would never get them, I mean they are probably famous and I'm well me! Ahhhhh I hate my mom and dad why would they do this? Why? Wait that money the Irish boy gave me had a note on it, it read

Cutie on the street!
Hey, I know it sounds weird but I like you and want to help you! Please meet use by Nandos at 12:07 am sharp!
XXX Niall (the Irish/blonde one!:)XXX

"Me?" I said out loud. I looked at the clock, oh no it was 12:06 I had to run. Finally I got there but where was he, oh I'm so stupid why did i ever believe him he probably did that to make fun of me. He never really wanted to help me! I cried, "hey what's wrong" the Irish accent, I mean Niall. "Niall? Wait that's your name right?" I asked. "Yes Love!"
He answered. "You came!" I said. "Yes and I brought a friend, HAZZA" He yelled and a brown haired boy with curls ran over "ready to go Nialler?" He asked in a British accent. "Yep, lets go!" Niall said. "By the way I'm Harry and you are..?" He asked. "Shayla but call me Shay!" I said. "Aye aye captain." He laughed. Which caused me and Niall to! Life couldn't be more perfect!
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