Saved by Niall

My dumbass parents kicked me out to die! Doesn't anybody care?
(Warning: foul language!)


6. Hehe

{Boys we have to leave tomorrow!" Simon said on the phone. "Fine" they all said. This is even better! Better watch your backs boys! My plan is kick ass!}

SHAYLA POV: Every thing was set up I just have to wait for them to wake up! "Good morning!" Niall came into the kitchen. "Morning" I said. He slowly walked towards the fridge. I burst out laughing. " what?" He asked. " oh nothing uh yeah continue". He looked at me like I was going crazy. Then continued. Bad decision. Ha! He walk to the fridge and took out eggs. "Those are hard boiled already!" I told him. "I made them this morning" "oh okay thanks love" "have I ever taught you the proper way to crack hard boiled eggs?" I asked. "Uh no?" He replied confused. "Here let me show you" I grabbed a hard boiled egg and cracked it on my head. "Cool let me try" he said. "Okay here" I handed him a hard boiled egg. He cracked it on his head. "Hahahahhahahah" I couldn't stop laughing. That egg was not cooked. "What happened?" He asked. "Don't draw on my face!" I smiled and skipped past the boys laughing there asses off. "You won't be laughing for long." I yelled. "And why is that?" Liam asked. "You'll see just be carful of what you do!" I said and laughed! They went pale. "Do something we have to leave. Soon" I said. "O-okay." Liam replied.
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