Let's See If You'll Love Me..

"Well.. I heard you're a player and you broke my best friend's heart.. So I have a little game for you .. Let's sweet talk 24/7, take long walks, playfight, hangout with each others' friends, give each other nicknames, tell each other good morning and good night and so on.. And whoever falls in love first? Loses.. Deal?"


1. Introduction

Jessy's P.O.V

"Oh Terrese it's going to be okay.. He's not worth your tears.." I said in a comforting tone to my poor friend.

Earlier this morning, Harry Styles, her now ex, broke up with her. He's the biggest player in our school. I know you might think blah blah blah they end up back together because the broken poor hearted girl got her revenge.. But do you honestly think our life is a cliche movie..

Harry and his friends were from the 'popular' crowd. Don't get me wrong me and my besties aren't from the nerds or loser or whatever you people like to call it, actually we are quite popular. Everyone meaning every single person knows us. We're five best friends.

Mariam; everyone thinks she's a player even though she never had a boyfriend! She is really into fashion and everything. Plus she is nice to everyone, not one of those stuck-up snobs.

Zeina; adores being, like, cool y'know. But to be honest, we're all just weird, and no not the weird that freaks you or anything I promise! We're fun weird !

Joanne; loves eating! I swear you might always find her with any type of food in her hand, and she never gets fat that's a plus! Besides that she's also awesome at gymnastics!

Salma; is really like mother .. She's always looking afyer us and warning us, but she isn't a boring person. She does childish and risky and to be honest, don't tell her I told you that, but does have quite a temper!

And then finally there is me, I kind of always get us into trouble, even Salma who always tries to change my mind, but ends up being dragged into the mess!

So, this is us.. Our little gang ! Anyways back to what I was telling you..

Harry has been breaking hearts of many girls in our school and most of these girls are good friends of mine, not only Harry though, him and his friends. Thinking about it made me seeth, because these girls didn't deserve any of this. In the end all of them would get heart-broken since they thought they could stop their ways. That's why, I gathered us to all to go to Salma's house in a while we were all in the same street so it's not that far and I just left Terrese's place.

"Oh hey !" I said spotting Joanne coming down the other side of the road, holding a chocolate bar.

"Come on !" she called, jogging towards Salma's house softly," The others are already there!"

After a few moments we were both in front of her house and I knocked the door.

"Open!" I heard from inside, as I turned the doorknob slowly.

"Hello!" Joanne greeted as we walked in and sat down in the living room with the others.

"So Jess, what is so important you couldn't wait to tell in school?" Mariam asked, slightly crossing her arms.

"Guess what happened.. Harry broke up with Teresse today."

"What the..?! Wasn- Weren't together like for the past month.."

"And it's their first month anniversairy.." Salma noted, frowing slightly at the boy's cruelty," Isn't that just kind of.. I don't know .. Mean?!"

"Well.. I have an I idea," Mariam said, grinning mischeivously," Want to hear it ?"

"I'm goung to regret this later, but fine.." Salma sighed as we all gathered around Mariam.


"I have to admit Mariam that is smart!" Joanne said, eyes wide.

The idea was good.

"But why would they even accept?" Zeina asked, titling her head to the side in question.

"Easy.. We are almost the only girls they haven't gone out with.. And they won't refuse a durect challenge in front of everyone.."

"I like your of thinking.." Salma's smiled, her expression meaning trouble.

"Great so who's in?!" Mariam asked and we alk shouted 'ME' in unison.

"School tomorrow.. Get ready.. Phase One launch," Joanne giggled, winking.
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