My Cinderella

Alex lives with her mean aunt and cousin who hate Alex's living day lights because 2 years ago when Alex was driving home with her parents they got into a car accident and her aunt thinks that Alex killed her parents. But what happens when Alex sneaks out to go to a masquerade party and meets the one and only Harry styles and find out one of his secrets? Read to find out! no hate plz!:)


9. Ch.8

Ellie's pov.

We walked into the bathroom and when I looked at the tests on the counter, once I saw what it said I felt my heart sink into my chest. The test were all positive!! I couldn't believe it! I was pregnant! What am i going to do what am i going to tell my parents and Darren?? I was on full on freaking out mode. I started pacing around in the bathroom. I stopped and asked....

"What am i going to do now!!" i asked Alex

"I don't know"she answered, i didn't like her answer it didn't help.

"I have to tell Darren, don't I?" I asked unsure of myself.

"I think you should i mean he is the baby's father" she said. Well she did have a point, he is the father and he has the right to know even though he probably won't want to have anything to do with the baby.


Harry's pov.


So its been about two weeks since i have seen Alex. I don't know what to do i really want to see her again but how?? I don't even know where she lives and i can't look her up because I don't know her last name. So today is my 19th birthday and the boys wanted to give me a really big birthday party! They said that they got strippers. Oh lord i can only imagine what games they've got planned.


Alex's pov.


I was in my room just on my bed relaxing when i heard loud foot steps coming towards my door. Suddenly my door flew open and in came aunt cormina. She looked really drunk and in one hand she has a baseball bat! This made me really scared i didn't know what to do or what to say because seconds later she came up to me and grabbed my arm and dragged me off of my bed to the floor i winced at the pain.

"Who do you think you are?!" she slurred out. " To go out to the party when i told you not too!" she yelled " Now you will pay the consequences!" she said while lifting the bat up and hitting me right in my left rib cage. All i could do was cry in pain in a ball on the floor while she kept going at it.

"ahhhh' i sreamed/cried in pain i started to feel liquid slowly trickling down my face I touched it with my hand and when i saw it was blood it scared me more."

"P-Please s-s-stop, i'm s-sorry i wont do it again!" i begged

"You sure won't" She said

"!"she said between whacks.

"S-stop' i cried out but she wouldn't stop nothing would make her stop not till she was satisfied.

On the last hit she hit me hard on the head again i felt me face being covered in dark red liquid and all i remember is her dropping the bat in front of me and walking away while saying....

'Sweet dreams" she said in an evil voice and then everything went BLACK!

Cormina's pov.


That will teach that little brat never to disobey me again. Maybe i went i little over the top with beating her, oh what the hell she deserved it and it wasn't that bad shes just weak well she did pass out but that's her fault She can never handle anything not even a little innocent slap,and  the way she curled up in a ball and cried and begged me to stop who is she to tell me when to stop i stop when i want to stop and when i feel she got what she deserved. 


Louis pov.

I cant wait till harrys party. The boys and i have planned to play suck and blow and we hired a few strippers and we got him two cakes!!! i think he will love his party! We've invited a load of people.

2 hours later at the party!

Happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

happy birthday dear harry!

happy birthday too you!!!

Yeah!! everyone cheered. there was loud music playing and everyone was drunk and having a great time.

"Hey mate happy birthday i love you" i shouted over the loud music to harry

"thanks this is great" he said

"ok everybody were going to play suck and blow everyone get in a circle!" i announced i looked at harry and he had a big smile on his face.

Harry's pov.

When Louis announced that we were going to play 'suck and blow' i couldn't help but feel happy. To think of  all the girls i might kiss made me excited. zayn started first with perrie and after a lot of sucking and blowing the paper fell and they started snogging.

"Get a room" I shouted to them they separated and perrie was blushing slightly.

"shut up" zayn shouted back.

next was my turn with a brunette stripper that gave me a fantastic lap dance earlier. i was blowing and she was sucking after a while i stopped blowing on purpose and the paper fell.

"Hey you did that on purpose!" Louis exclaimed while everyone started laughing i just shrugged and grabbed the stripper by her waist and kissed her. i slipped my tongue in her mouth and we fought for dominance we started getting heated up and i felt a lot of stares so i broke the kiss. i saw Louis grinning and he wiggled his eyebrows at me which made me laugh.

After a lot of dancing and drinking it got late and a lot of people were leaving and i was tired so i said bye to everyone and got Louis who i found snogging with Eleanor and we went back home. As soon as i walked in our flat i went straight to my bed and plopped myself down. I didn't even bother to change. I shut my eyes and instantly fell asleep.




Thanks for reading i will try to update more today!! :) :) Please tell your friends to read my fanfic and to tell their friends to read it too!! Thanks love y'all!!!:)






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