My Cinderella

Alex lives with her mean aunt and cousin who hate Alex's living day lights because 2 years ago when Alex was driving home with her parents they got into a car accident and her aunt thinks that Alex killed her parents. But what happens when Alex sneaks out to go to a masquerade party and meets the one and only Harry styles and find out one of his secrets? Read to find out! no hate plz!:)


7. Ch.6

 Alex's pov.

Once I got home I ran strait to my room and took my dress of and make up and put sweatpants on and a tee shirt just how I was when my aunt and Kate left. I hid my dress and mask in a bag In my closet and went down stairs and kept cleaning what ever looked like it needed to be clean. About 45 mins later my aunt and Kate arrived. I was in the kitchen getting water to drink when...

"What do you think your doing" my aunt asked as she stepped closer to me.

"Getting water?"I said confused, what did it look like I was doing?

"Noo... You can't drink water or anything unless I let you!!" She said slapping me across the face.

"I'm sorry I w-was just thirsty" I whimpered as I put one hand to my cheek. I had a red hand mark on my left cheek.

"Ugh... Go to your room!" She demanded

I was going to my room and I past Kate she had and evil smirk on her face. I hated her so much. She's a really big fat bitch.when I got to my room I plopped unto my bed and started thinking about harry and how he almost kissed me! Uhhhh... I can't believe I backed away!! Soon I ended up falling asleep.


Ellie's pov.


I'm so stupid I should of known that Darren was only using me! I'm like really why would the hottest guy in school want to be with me?


"Honey do you want to talk about it?" My mom asked from the other side of the door.

"No please just go away I just want to be alone" I answered. I need to talk to someone, but not my mom. I got my phone and started looking through my contacts... I stopped when I saw Alex<3  

I don't know if she would want to talk to me after I kinda ditched her to go with Darren. I pressed call and as it dialed I started to get nervous no sure If she would be mad at me or not want to talk to me which I understand since I did leave her.i got pulled out of my thoughts when I heard her voice..

"Hello?"she asked

"Umm.., hi Alex, look I'm really sorry for ditching you and going with Darren I shouldn't have go-" I got interrupted  


"No, Ellie it's ok, it was fine,"she said

"But it isn't fine, I shouldn't have gone with him I should've known he only wanted to use me." I said

"He what?!?" She almost yelled

"Yea so after you left he kept getting me beers and we got drunk and so he took me to some random room and you know it got heated up in there, and later that night I found him snogging with that bitch Kate!"I explained " oh and so then he confessed that he was only using me to get some and that he never thought that I would think that he liked me." I said getting tears in my eyes remembering what happened.

"Omg! I'm sorry that happened." She said.

"Yea it's OK, so how are you? Did your aunt find out that you went to the party?"I asked

"No she didn't, but she slapped me and yelled at me because I was getting water to drink." She answered.

"What on earth?! She's must be crazy what kind of person won't let someone drink water?" I asked mad at ms.cormina for hurting my bestest friend.

"I know sometimes I just want to give her a piece if my mind but I get I scared." She replied

"Hey well I have to go eat dinner ill talk to later" I said.

"OK bye" she said.


Alex's pov.

After I hung up I went to my bathroom and brushed my hair out and washed my face and went back to my room I checked the time and it said 4:34 am. I decided I would go to bed now because I was exhausted I picked out my Winnie the Pooh pjs and out them on. I loved Winnie the Pooh I don't know why but I do! I looked for my I pod but couldn't find it so I went to bed and thought to myself that I would look for it tomorrow. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


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