My Cinderella

Alex lives with her mean aunt and cousin who hate Alex's living day lights because 2 years ago when Alex was driving home with her parents they got into a car accident and her aunt thinks that Alex killed her parents. But what happens when Alex sneaks out to go to a masquerade party and meets the one and only Harry styles and find out one of his secrets? Read to find out! no hate plz!:)


6. Ch.5

Alex's pov.


I rode my bike all the way there without ruining my dress so that was good. As I entered the gym the music was blasting through my ears. I felt kinda weird because I was like the only one with out a date, I could see Ellie and Darren dancing together which made me feel bad since she left me alone. I was walking over to where the drinks are not really paying attention when....

"Oh I'm sorry love I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."he said

"No no it's my fault, sorry."I said

"Nope it was completely my fault"he said back flashing his cheeky smile at me.

Omg it's Harry styles from one direction, and i new that because he took his mask off!!!!Ok Alex stay cool. Breath in and out in and out.

"Oh, I'm Harry" he said extending his hand.

"I'm Alex" I shyly answered shaking his hand.

"We'll nice to meet you alex"he said "I guess I'll see you around then" he said before he walked away.

"Yea, see you around" I mumbled as I watched him walk away.

Omg he probably thinks I'm stupid or something for just standing there probably drooling. Ahhh!! I've made of fool of myself I should of said more stuff instead of just Stating at him.

"Hey Alex" a familiar voice said behind me.

I turned around to see Ellie and Darren.

"Hi Ellie"I said

"How's your night going?" She asked.

"Actually pretty well I met harry styles!" I squeaked the last part.

"Omg girl you have to tell me all about it later!" She said "hey do you want a drink?" She asked me.

"Oh yea sure." I said hesitantly .

She handed me a beer. I opened it and took a sip of it which burned my throat. This was my first time drinking.

Harry's pov.

I couldn't get Alex out of my mind she was gorgeous even though I couldn't see much of her face because of her mask.

"Hey mate" Liam said while patting my back "this is a great party isn't it?" He asked

"Yea"I answered.

"Have you met any girl?" He asked

"Actually I have" I said proudly.

"Oh really what's her name?"he asked

"Alex"I said

"Oh that's nice, well I'm going to go dance with dani see you later mate." He said.

"See ya"I shouted

Alex's pov.

Ellie was super drunk so was Darren, I was not i only had a little bit of my beer because I didn't want to go home and smell like beer. After a while I got bored so was wandering around the college till i found the music room. I saw a piano in the corner and it was like it called me , I just had to play it. I walked over to it and softly place my hand on the white keys and started to play grenade by Bruno mars, I started to sing to it.

Black black, black and blue  

Beat me til I'm numb  

Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where your from.....

Once I finished I heard clapping with scare me so I turned around to see Harry.

"W-what are you doing here??" I asked

"I was just walking around but than I heard music cone from here amd i found you, that was really good" he said while coming closer to me.

"Thanks, How long have you're been here?"I asked a little curious.

"Only enough time to know that your a really good singer and piano player." He said smiling, and sitting across from me.

"Oh I'm not that good" I said looking at my feet.

"But you are." He said lifting my chin so I could look at his eyes.

"Thanks" I said with a chuckle.

He started to get closer to me til I could feel his breath on my lips when I looked at the clock and backed aways quickly.

"oh shit I have to go." I said while getting up and grabbing my phone and purse.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that"he said as he saw me walking to the door.

Omg he probably thinks I didn't want to kiss him! "No it's ok I just have to go"I said feeling bad.

"Why?"he asked running up to me and grabbing my wrist to stop me from leaving.

"I-I just have to" I stuttered,taking my wrist out of his hand and running away.

As I was running I heard something fall but I didn't turn around to check it must of been someone's cup or something so I just kept on running to where my bike was.

Harry's pov.

She just kept running she didn't even turn to check what fell. I went to pick up what he dropped it was a black apple iPod with blue headphone wrapped around it. I picked it up and turned it on it surprised me that the lock screen background was a picture of ME? From a photoshout with the boys for the take me home album. I swiped the screen but it had a password I tried to guess... I guessed alot of things but I didn't really know her so I didn't know what to guess.. I guessed.. 











Until I guessed harry an it unlocked and once again the background was a picture of me well I guess she fancies me! I thought to myself with a slight chuckle. I looked threw her music and pictures I found some of our music like  


She's not afraid 

Little things 

Heart attack 

And more.  

It made me happy to know that she was a fan of us lads 


How is it?? Comment and like plzz! Love ya guys!:)

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