My Cinderella

Alex lives with her mean aunt and cousin who hate Alex's living day lights because 2 years ago when Alex was driving home with her parents they got into a car accident and her aunt thinks that Alex killed her parents. But what happens when Alex sneaks out to go to a masquerade party and meets the one and only Harry styles and find out one of his secrets? Read to find out! no hate plz!:)


14. Ch.12



Harry's pov.

We've been sitting in these uncomfortable hospital chairs for what seems to be forever! It's actually been like 2 hours but it still felt like forever to me. I just hope that we can see her soon so I can talk to her, because I have a few questions for her. I can't stop thinking about her, she's been stuck in my head ever since the party, and I think I've finally found her!

"Anyone here for a Ms.Alex Shaw?" Doctor asked.

"I am, I mean we are!" I said standing up. Ellie walked over to the doctor.

"Is she ok" Ellie asked the doctor.

"Well she seems to have suffered severe head trauma and she lost alot of blood, it took us a while to stop the bleeding but i think she'll be fine,right now she's she's in a slight coma and should wake up soon, I'll say if it weeny or you young lady she would have probably died in an hour or so". He answered.

"So she's ok?" She asked

"Yes, she's fine" the doctor replied l.

"Can we see her?" Ellie asked with pleading eyes.

"Yes shes in room 208,but if anything happens or if she wakes up hit the blue button next to her bed and a nurse will come immediately." He answered

"Ok thank you so much" Ellie said. Well here we go. I really hope she wakes up soon because I really need to talk to her. But will she remember me of course she will. I'm Harry styles who doesn't remember me??

"This is the room"Ellie said pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Ready?" She asked


" know what I think I'm going to stay out here for a second you go on in I'll go in soon"I replied

"Umm well ok" she said as she's started walking towards the door, he grabbed the door knob and was about to turn it but sopped and turned around.

"Harry are you ok, your acting kinda strange, you know you can tell me anything right?" She said looking at me.

"Yea I'm fine I'm just uhh...Ik not good with hospitals that's all" I lied

" can tell me anything remember that." She said I don't think she bought what I said.

"Yea thanks" I said as she walked in. I sat on the floor against the wall and just started to think.

I have so many questions to ask Alex like 1) why did she run away when we were about to kiss? 2) what happened to here? 3) why did that happen to her?

I have feelings for her, feelings that I've never had for other girls, i really like her,I just hope she feels the same way.


Hey guys well I updated!! But I'm starting to run out ideas! So comment of kik me @/jackerella if u have any ideas oh and also do u think Alex should like him back? Comment!!

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