My Cinderella

Alex lives with her mean aunt and cousin who hate Alex's living day lights because 2 years ago when Alex was driving home with her parents they got into a car accident and her aunt thinks that Alex killed her parents. But what happens when Alex sneaks out to go to a masquerade party and meets the one and only Harry styles and find out one of his secrets? Read to find out! no hate plz!:)


13. Ch.11

Ellie's pov.

I ran out of Alex's house as fast as I could. I didn't even know where I was going but I just needed to find help and fast! I looked for my phone in my purse but I couldn't find it and than I remembered that I left it on the bathroom counter in Alex's house!

"Oh great" I mumbled to myself as I kept running but not watching where I was going...than...BANG!!!! Some dude was pulling out of some house and and don't see me and hit me!

"oh no no no no no!" Some guy with a hoodie an shades on said as he came closer to me.

"Are you alright?"he asked. I noticed that he had a British accent

"No How could I be alright if you just hit me with your fucking car?!" I yelled at him.

"Sorry...ok here let me help you up" he said as he slipped ones ram around my waist. I put my arm around his neck as he helped me stand.

"oww!" I cried out in pain! He than up his other arm under my legs and picked me up and took me into his really really big house!

"zaaayy-who on earth is that?" The. One and only Louis tomolinson from one direction said as he came running down the hall.

"Oh...ummm...I'm sorry I never did get your name,what is it?" The mysterious guy behind the shades said.

"umm...I'm...uhh..Ellie" I said

"oh well Ellie I'm zayn. And this is my mate Louis." Zayn said

"it's very nice to meet you Ellie" Louis Said grabbing my hand and kissing it which made me giggle. Then i remembered about Alex!

"I got to go!!" I said trying to run to the door but falling in pain.

"Oww!!" I cried,I sat on the floor and started sobbing. Zayn and Louis came and sat in the floor with me.

"I got to go I go to" I said still crying am trying to stand up again, for a moment I lost my balance but zayn caught me.

"why do you have to go? You can't go I think your leg is broken,come on I'm taking you to the hospital" zayn said with concern written all over his face.

"Nooooo!!! I have to go back to Alex!! I promised her that I would find help!!!" I shouted trying to wiggle myself out of his tight grip which only got tighter as I tried to free myself.

"woah woah come down a sec....who's alex...and why do she need help?!" zayn said

" shksdjke...a-and....s-she ajfsdjka" i said my face against his chest.

"what was that love?" he ask with a chuckle.

"i said that shes my friend and she's dying!" i shouted walking to the door.

"can you please help me?!" i asked desperate.

"ummmm....yea"zayn said looking at the other guys they all nodded.


we all piled in Harry's red ranger and headed back to Alex's house.

10 mins later we finally arrived there. I ra straight towards the front door and opened it, i went flying up the stairs and into Alex's room and to the bathroom. Alex had blacked out.


"Ellie?! Where are you?" i heard a voice call.

"I'm in here!" I answered back, i turned around and all 5 boys we standing there staring at Alex in shock.

"GUYS, COME ON HELP ME!!!"  I said starting to cry now.

"shhhh....don't worry love...louis called 911...shhh" Zayn cooed in my ear while holding me in his strong arms.

*sniff sniff*

Zayn's pov.

when i saw that girl, uhhh alex was her name, on the floor covered in blood and bruises i knew that we had to get her to a hospital ASAP! Ellie started crying again, it broke my heart to see  her cry, i know that we just met and this isn't really the time to be thinking about this but she just GOD shes so BEAUTIFUL! i wrapped her in my arms and let her cry into my chest, she was so small and vulnerable, i just wanted to wipe away all her tears.

After about 7 mins the paramedics came and put Alex on a gurney and put her in the ambulance, Ellie asked to go with Alex and they said yes. one more person could ride in the ambulance so i volunteered.


Harry's pov.

This Alex girl seems very familiar. I don't know man, maybe she could be...naw,,,,it couldn't be her.....could it? i mean her name is Alex, oh come on Harry theres like 1 million girls named Alex, how do you know that this Alex is your Alex?

"Hey you alright mate?" Louis asked putting his hand on my shoulder.

"ummm...yea...i'm fine" i said watching the ambulance drive off.

"ok, you just seemed kinda out of it." louis said with a chuckle.

"hey mate, ellie asked if we could get Alex some clean clothes since she couldn't" Liam said walking towards us, with niall behind him.

"yea yea sure thing!" louis said alittle to excited.

We went back upstairs to Alex's room.

"Oh and Harry don't go snooping around in her underwear" Liam said with a stern face. The rest of the lads started to chuckle and i felt my face burn up.

"OK guys we need a bag to put her clothes in, everyone look around for one" Liam ordered we all went looking around for one.

"Hey lads do like my dress?" Louis said holding up the same exact dress that Alex my Alex was wearing at the party!

"Its looks gorgeous Lou, really matches your complexion" Niall answered 

"Come on guys we have to hurry" Liam said

"Found one!" Niall exclaimed holding up a varsity bag.

"OK good now we need clothes" Liam said

we put jeans and t shirts in the bag and some socks and some black converse and we left.

When we got to the hospital we asked the nurse for Alex.

"Alex who?" the nurse asked

"ummm...." i turned to the guys to see if they knew her last name they just shrugged.

"Alex who?" the nurse said looking up from her computer, she didn't seem shocked or anything, she was kinda oldish like in her 60's so she probably didn't know who we were.

" i don't know"i answered.

"well i'm sorry i cant help you sir" she said a little bit rudely

"SHE JUST CAME IN SHE YOUNG AN-" I got interupted

"Hey guys over hear" i heard zayn call to us.

"never mind" i said to the nurse, we walked to the waiting area where zayn and Ellie were Ellie was sleeping against zayn her face was all puffy and red from crying so much.

" so now what?" Niall asked.

"We wait" zayn answered.


Sorry that i haven't updated in a while!! But i'm on summer vacation so i will be writing a lot and updating more often! because....

Summer=home alone= writing more

i haven't been able to update cuz my parents don't know im doing this so if they find out they won't let me write bcuz they'll be all like its inappropriate and stuff like that. SOOO i can update now cuz my parents are working like all summer so i stay home with my brother but he's like always in his room! Any ways i can update now! HOPE YOU ENJOY!!:))))

- jacqui

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