My Cinderella

Alex lives with her mean aunt and cousin who hate Alex's living day lights because 2 years ago when Alex was driving home with her parents they got into a car accident and her aunt thinks that Alex killed her parents. But what happens when Alex sneaks out to go to a masquerade party and meets the one and only Harry styles and find out one of his secrets? Read to find out! no hate plz!:)


1. Characters!!!!:)



Alex-tan skin, brown hair, brown eyes, 5"4, 18 yrs old

Katelyn- Alex's mean cousin, 5"5, blonde hair, green eyes, very popular at school, wears a lot of makeup.

Cormina- Alex's mean aunt, Katelyns mom, light brown hair, green/yellow eyes.

Ellie- Alex's best friend, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5"4, really nice, weird at times, single.

Darren- dirty blonde hair, blue/green eyes, awesome a all sports, 5"8, popular at school, hottest guy at school.

1D- boy band, 5 hot famous British guys, all British except Niall who is Irish.

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