Can't Wait to Read the End

A girl named Jan who loves to write who isn't afraid of "adults". In fact, she considers herself being one at the age of 14. She may be a brilliantly brave girl, but she also is very introverted. She writes books about her middle school and now, high school life, and she publshed 3 books about them. She gets a meeting from an unexpected publisher who turns her life upside down with fun new expirences as well as people.


1. Opportunity Knocks

Janice Lee Katz was a fourteen year old girl who's world was about to be turned upside down. You see, Jan, is a very experienced writer. She had written and had published 4 books and was not stopping any time soon. Books that were practically her personal diary. They were realistic fiction books based on her life through middle school and now in her latest book, high school. The books were like her children. Sacred to her.

She sits in the office of a new publisher, she sits uneasy.

"Darling, are you alright?" asks the secretary of John B. Huberts publishing. "Would you like some water, tea perhaps?"

Not realizing the comment was aimed at her, Jan yawned. She was tired, nervous, and did not know how to keep herself calm.

Immediately, the secretary snapped back with a sharp "Excuse me?!" Putting emphasis on the 's'.

Jan looked up and the few people that were in the office darted their eyes to look at her.

What else can I do to bomb this interview! Jan yelled at herself. She really was nervous. A new publisher asked her to write a sample chapter for him to review. He said to her parents that he "...has an idea to turn the pages of your life" with what he can do with her next book. As she thought of how mean this man truly could be, she started to talk herself out of the interview. This could ruin my career. I could be black balled and no one would ever print me again! I was stupid to see this as an opportunity.

A few minutes of the self abuse passed and the secretary called "Janice Lee?"

Jan stood up quietly as the secretary acknowledged her "Mr. Huberts will see you now." and showed a faint grin.

As Jan walked in she thought Why would she smile at me like that!? She knows I'm going to be eaten alive! Turn back Jan! TURN BACK! But her body wasn't receiving the message. She opened the door into what could be compared to as a college library. The room was huge. It took her eyes a few seconds to get adjusted to the room and find the famous John B. Huberts desk.

"How do you like it?" Hubert said with a proud smile from ear to ear. "It's my personal collection. More than half the books in here are mine."

"You write?" Jan asked, confused.

"No, but I love to read. I meant I published them. The rest are all classics. Or things I wish I had published."

Jan's face was in awe. She gazed around the room, up and down the 9 foot shelves that lined the walls. All kinds of books, manuscripts, screenplays. Some shelves colorless with original printer paper copies. Others were rainbow of different sized and shaped books. As she worked her way to Hubert's desk, he smiled and said "Take a seat Janice"

After Jan sat, a moment of silence passed. Hubert started to say something but she quickly cut him off "Jan, please call me Jan."

"Okay, Jan. I'm John Hubert. You can call me anything. John, Johnny, Hubert and Mr. Hubert all are acceptable"

"Alright, Hubes" Jan replied with a slight grin.

"I have a sample chapter with me, just like you requested. But it's not much. I usually finish my books then rewrite them a few times as a whole. So you see it may not be... well... up to par with my previous novels"

"Well, lets take a look." Hubes said as she handed him the packet of pages.

During the few minutes Hubes took to read the chapter she couldn't help herself. She had to explore this library. She lept from the chair and started browsing the shelves, with no hesitation. She loved the smell of books everything about that place screamed Explore me! As she browsed up and down the shelves she stumbled onto a confortable reading corner. This area of the room had soft fluffy carpets, beanbag chairs and a hot cocoa machine.

"You can have some if you'd like." Hubes said, startling her out of what she'd thought a dream.

"Ummm, no thanks." she replied after a few moments.

"What are you too mature for it?" Hubes replied with a sarcastic tone.

"Actually, yes. Yes I am." Jan snapped back. She hated being called immature, words like little, or kid, made her furious.

" Okay, the espresso machine is across the room by my files. Help yourself if you'd like"

Janice knew that was a bad idea. She knew she'd be bouncing off the walls with her ADHD. But she had a point to prove. As she found herself at the machine, she had no idea how to work it.

After a few minutes of reading and now editing, Hubes said "You're kinda quiet, kid. Do you need any help over there?"

"No, Im fine!" Jan was getting angry. She didn't want to look dumb so she started pushing buttons.  All of a sudden the machine started freaking out, making loud noises, spraying steam, dripping coffee. Jan tried to stop it, turning knobs, pushing more buttons, pulling levers. After a quick moment of struggle, the machine completely fell over breaking three little espresso cups on its way to the floor.

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