Can't Wait to Read the End

A girl named Jan who loves to write who isn't afraid of "adults". In fact, she considers herself being one at the age of 14. She may be a brilliantly brave girl, but she also is very introverted. She writes books about her middle school and now, high school life, and she publshed 3 books about them. She gets a meeting from an unexpected publisher who turns her life upside down with fun new expirences as well as people.


2. Coffee Run

"WHAT WAS THAT!?!? ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" Hubes said as he ran to the far part of the room to where Jan was standing. 

"I am so, so, so, so sorry! I will pay for all of the damages and thank you for your time."  What was I thinking?! That was so embarrassing! He will never publish me and no one will ever publish me again!!  As Jan started shouting at herself in her head she ran out of the office. She sped past the secretary's desk and straight into the elevator. Janice just couldn't keep still. As the elevator went down the building she started freaking out, pacing back and forth, she had to leave, now! She stopped the elevator on the 4th floor from the ground and ran down the stairs. As she hit the lobby of the building she ran into her mother walking inside. 

"Janice Lee Katz! Where in the world are you going!? I was just coming to pick you up!" her mom exclaimed.

With an embarrassed look on her face she quickly admitted to her mom how she ran out of the meeting after that disastrous thing happened. While she was speaking she  

"You better march right back up there and apologize to Mr. Hubert. He was very generous for waiting until you had time off from school." As Jan's mom was finishing, the elevator doors opened and Hubes darted out after Jan. Jan's immediate thought was, I am in so much trouble.

"I read your chapter Mis... Jan. I loved it. I want you to sign my contract."

Jan thought for a moment. She had so much she wanted to say. But all that came out of her mouth was "Seriously?"

"Yes ma'am. I thought it was brilliant. I'll need you to finish the book first though. And agree to work with some people that..."

"What people?!" Jan blurted out, cutting Hubes off. Jan was getting angry. Angry that he was so nice to her because she was a kid. Angry because he took her dignity by chasing after her. Angry because he wanted her to 'work with people'. Jan hated working with people. Even though she was a very confident and outgoing person, she hated having to work with other people. She was a very self reliant girl who not only had trust problems but was naturally introverted. That's why she started writing books in the first place.

"Please can I meet with you in my office? Now, if you have to time." Hubes said. Clearly directing the comment at Jan's mother.

"Sure, I don't mind stepping up for a brief meeting." Jan's mother replied before Jan could let a snarky comment slip into the conversation.

"Thank you. It's much more civil than discussing this in the middle of this crowd."

The three of them waited in the elevator. Once they reached floor 43, the obnoxious bell was like a loud sigh of relief. The tension in the short elevator ride was practically tangible. As soon as the doors slid open, Janice darted into the waiting room where she passed the secretary, rudely, for the third time. 

"How 'bout you wait here" Hubes suggested "I want to talk to your mother privately" 

"Actuall..." Jan started but before she could continue her mom cut her off and said "She can wait."

Jan was hesitent to take a seat across from the secretary she abruptly passed now 4 times! Once they walked into Hubes office they shut the door, Jan took a seat and stared at the floor.  Say something to her! Apologize! 

While Jan worked up the nerve to speak to the secretary, the secretary turned over to Jan "Hey kid, I think they'll be in there for a while. What do you say I take you to get a bite to eat? My break is about to start."

Jan looked down at herself and thought for a moment. She realized the secretary was somewhat of a stranger and how it might make her mother mad to leave without her.  "Um, what did you have in mind?"

"Ah, nothing special. I know this little spot a few blocks from here. Don't worry, everything there is delicious!"

Jan took another moment to think. Am I really about to go with a stranger? Let alone one who I was rude to?! Screw it, I'm going. "Mmmm, why not." Jan said matter of factly. "I'm Jan"

"I know," said the secretary while she put a little sticky note on her desk for Mr. Hubert saying she was taking Jan to her break spot. "He was flustered when he came out of that office to chase after you. I had to know who was that important." The secretary picked up her papers and put them in a messy, but organized pile. Then opened a closet, cleverly disguised as a wall behind her. She grabbed a light jacket and a small bag and marched past Jan into the elevator. 

"Well are you coming?" The secretary asked. 

Jan, realizing she started to stare, jumped into the elevator with a spring in her step "Yep, sorry. Had a little moment there."


Jan and the secretary walked down the block while sharing some small talk to mask the silence.

"So what do you like to read..." Jan started speaking but she realized the woman she had decided to leave with was nameless. Quickly she diverted from the awkward moment by catching her phrase and saying "... that Hubes has published?"

"So you call him Hubes now? I'm surprised you're so comfortable with him. Not many people are anymore." 

Janice was puzzled by this comment. She wondered was the mystery women meant by 'anymore'. As she thought to ask the women slowed to a stop just outside what Jan thought to be a small coffee shop. As Jan walked inside she was overwhelmed with the wondrous smells of doughnuts, cakes and cookies. They walked further into the bakery coffee shop duo and the mystery woman dropped her coat and purse on a booth and walked right around the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee.

"Come here often?" Jan asked slyly.

"Why yes" She answered with a grin, appreciating Jan's sarcastic wit. 

Jan was about to say something to the woman when a man appeared. He smiled at the woman and said "Hello, darling" as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. The two seemed the same age but the man seemed slightly younger. 

"This is Jan" The woman pointed at Jan with her head while pulling things out of a fridge behind the counter.

"Hi, Jan, I'm Eddie. Emily's little brother." He held out his hand as if Jan were to shake hands. Jan just smiled and replied with a silent wave, making it obvious she was out of her comfort zone. 

"So what can I get for you? Anything, on the house." Eddie said. "P. B. and J.? Mac'n'cheese? What'll it be?"

Jan thought for a moment, she knew these foods were for little kids, and she was after all a kid. But she wanted so bad for him to treat her more mature. 

"I was thinking about flat bread sandwiches. You know I like old fashion peanut butter and jelly, but Jan might not. She is a little more sophisticated than you'd expect." Emily replied for her.

Jan didn't know whether to feel complimented or insulted. So she just nodded and said "A flatbread tuna melt sounds nice." Making her statement sound more like a question than anything else.

"Sounds delightful." Emily said to Jan. "CHEF JOHNSON! YOO HOO!" Emily shouted with a grin shining ear to ear. Out came Eddie with an apron on and a dish towel draped upon his arm as to make fun of a professional waiter. The two gave Eddie their orders and he came out with 2 glasses of mango iced tea. 

"I thought this was just a coffee shop." Jan remarked to Emily.

 "It is. I just happen to have connections. Speaking of connections, I can't believe how far you've gotten with writing and how old are you? What, seventeen years old?!" 

"Actually, I'll be 15 in a few weeks." Jan said, with the feeling of delight that someone thought she was more mature than her age.

"FIFTEEN YEARS OLD?! Oh, my, goodness! You are blessed. What, 3 novels and a meeting with the famous publisher and soon to be movie producer, Mr. John B. Hubert! My, my, you are special."

Jan now knew what Emily meant when she said 'comfortable anymore'. Was he going to make her book into a movie? Jan went from cheery from the praise to nervous. What will people think? Will they hire real actors? What will the set be like? Will I have ANY input at all?!? Jan though as soon as the words left Emily's lips. 

About ten minutes passed and Eddie brought out lunch for the two. Jan tried to hide how nervous she had gotten. Once they finished eating Jan almost insisted they go back to the office, secretly wanting her mother. 

"But we haven't had our coffee yet? I make a great cappuccino!" Emily said, remembering the disaster that happened only a mere hour ago.

Jan sent a brief half smile and said "To go?"

"Why not." Emily replied with a sly smile.

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