A world of blurs and pain

I didn't think I would end up here. Not in her position, a mere five years later. But, what else do you expect from a world of blurs and pain?
**formerly Pain Demands to be Felt**


2. chapter two

For the first few years of my life, I saw the world as a beautiful place. A place so big, how could it be anything but to a child? But I grew older,and my eyes were opened to the harsh pain of reality. Mortal eyes see nothing but possibilities and dreams. It is in our nature, our ancestry.

But, sometimes it doesn't work out. And, no matter how hard you fight to make it somewhere in this constricting box of life, not everyone can do it.

I realized this the first year after the accident. I was so lost, so broken, without her. Everyday was a new struggle. Time and time again i looked in the mirror and was irritatingly disgusted by the face, the lack of morality, that stared back blindly at me. Time and time again I saw the half-empty bottle on the counter and forced myself to keep going.

But, this kind of fight, it's impossible. This pain is the devil. And each day he attacks me in an entirely new way, catching me off guard just when I think I'm ready. My back is broken, the bruises purpling. I hurt all over.

Maybe that's why when I saw the devil raise his sword, those bright eyes staring back at me, I did not fight. I could not fight. When all your resolve has left you, what other choice do you have then to kneel weakly at his feet?

All I can do is pray the the lord will accept my blackened soul.

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