A world of blurs and pain

I didn't think I would end up here. Not in her position, a mere five years later. But, what else do you expect from a world of blurs and pain?
**formerly Pain Demands to be Felt**


3. Chapter three

I awaken in a meadow, the old cliché from those self-help books brought to life. The apple trees and flowers are dancing in the light wind as a pair of light arms wrap around my waist. The laughter- Oh, how good it felt to laugh!- that trickled from my mouth was sweet as honey as a turned around to face my lover and best friend.

Bringing her lips up to mine softly, I whisper her name softly. The immense joy it brings me is a treasure.

She smiles at me, stroking my cheek with her palm. “There’s something you should see.”

And, we’re back on earth, surrounded by bright lights and white cars. And I see the carnage of a sports car on the side of the road, near a slightly damaged minivan. Chloe or Zoe is standing off to the side crying. I wonder why she’s there, not why she’s crying because I already know. I look over at a stretcher with a thin white sheet tucked over it, the perfect size and shape of a man.

I look over at my wife, eyes wide with, not shock, curiosity. “Is that-?”

She nods simply, her soft brown hair falling in her face. “It was quick.”

And I know I should feel pain or loss. Something to signify the shedding of my mortal skin, but all I feel is joy. I’m free from the pain that kept me caged for so long. I’m with the love of my life again, and I find myself looking over at the other car, feeling my elation drop a little.

After the many years we had together, she is very good at reading my emotions, and she pats my hand. “They’re fine. All of them.”

“A family,” I say as I grab her hand. I’m not quite sure if I’m talking about us or the survivors but it doesn’t really matter. I’m free and I’m with my love again.

Before I step back into the heavens, I take a moment and look around at the world of blurs and pain. I look at the shed tears and the crumpled body in the sheet. I look at the empty glass of my self-subscribed medication and the bent wheel that had carved my chest. I look at all the pain in the world and for the first time i see. I see that all that we do, we always have a choice. A choice that can forever affect the lives around you.

She turns to me, looks into my eyes with orbs of emerald. Whispers words to me that I don't need to hear in order to understand. I nod, take a step. I am ready. I finally know.

All was well.

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