For you I'll be a superhuman

Everyone knows, One Direction, a boyband who makes every girl's heart throb. Well this story is about them, the famous Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. They have just finished there second tour for the 'Take Me Home' album and Liam's getting sick. That's when Harry will meet someone new in a place he could've never imagine. As impossible as it seems, it will happen. But will their story end like Romeo's and Juliette's or will it have a happy ending ?

5th book :) Yay co-writed with my friend Babette <3


1. Meeting in... the hospital ?


The tour 'Take Me Home' was finally over and it was amazing ! Now we have a couple of months as free time. Liam had been sick and we had did some checkups but it worsened. He finally decided to got to the hospital and we all went with him.

It had been about 20 minutes since he had been inside the consultation room as we were sitting in the waiting room. "I'm huuuuuungryyy..." Niall screamed. He had been whining for 5 minutes. "Fine. Come, well get you something." He followed me to the elevated and we went downstairs. I had seen the vending machine earlier when we walked in. He put some money and bought a waffle, twix, some candy and a drink in the other machine. "OUT OF THE WAY ! LET US THRU !" I instantly turned around and saw nurses and doctors surrounding a girl laying on a stretcher. She had had scratches everywhere and was covered in blood. "Oh mwy gwod !" Niall exclaimed, chewing on his food. "What happwened ?" He wanted to know as well. He rushed over to one of the nurses. "Niall !" I yelled. "He didn't bother to turn around. "Niall !" I ran after him but it was to late, he was already talking. "Excuse me, miss. What happened to her ? What's wrong ?" "Are you from the family ?" She asked lifting an eyebrow. "Euh... No we recognized her from London, I've seen her in some shops a couple of times and we already have talked. We came here for something else but recognized her and I wanted to know what had happened." Niall was lying, she wouldn't really believe that, right ? It was obviously a lie ! "Oh really ? Well we don't know what happened yet. Someone has called us saying it was an emergency. We will try to contact her parents when she wakes up. She's called Nina Brown, but i suppose you already know her." She lifted her eyebrow. "NANCY ! We need you in surgery. Now !" Someone yelled from the door where Nina had been taken. The nurse, Nancy, was about to leave when I grabbed her. "Wait ! Is she going to be alright ?" She looked down and then back up to me. "I don't know." I felt surprisingly sad, I didn't know that girl but I felt bad for her. The nurse caught my sad look and added. "If I see you again, I'll give you some feedback but I really have to go." She smiled and went thru the wide doors. They closed in front of us and we couldn't get in. "Come on mate. I knew you were attracted to girls easily but don't you think that's a bit quick." Niall laughed. "Yeah... Whatever." I just really didn't know what was going on. I felt worried.


We had been waiting for about 40 min and it had been 15 min since Harry and Niall had left. "Where are they ?" I looked over to Zayn and added. "I know Niall eats a lot but how long can it take someone to buy something ?" That's when I saw two familiar figures coming over to us. "Where were you ? Louis has been freaking out for a while now." Zayn was annoyed. He had been texting Perrie but I kept interrupting him. I looked back to Niall who was eating some candy. "Can I have one ?" I smiled going over to him and that's when I saw Harry looking down. I couldn't read his look, it wasn't blank, it was kinda sad, kinda uncomfortable. I kicked his food trying to ask him what was wrong without attracting to much attention but it totally failed. Niall had understood. "Don't worry, Louis. Nothing's wrong, he just met a girl on a stretcher and feels attracted to her but he doesn't know it yet." Harry instantly looked up, followed by Zayn and myself. Niall seemed clueless most of the time. It just didn't seem like him. "What ?" He asked as everyone was looking at him. We chuckled and looked around when the doctor came out of the consultation room followed by Liam. You could see he was ill. He was pale, had dark circles under his eyes and they were red. "Mr. Payne has a pneumonia. It's not severe but we're going to keep him for a couple of days."
We went back to the the lobby while Liam, Zayn and Niall followed the doctor to the room he would sleep in. I signed the paper and we went over to his car, security helping us thru all the fans and paparazzi. The way over there was completely silent it just seemed like Harry had something to say but just couldn't let it out. I went inside of Liam's place and took some of his clothes. Harry hadn't come with me, I kind off knew what he had but I didn't want to ask him, I just wanted him to tell me. I went back down into the car.

The silence was killing me. "Harry ! Talk !" I couldn't help it I got impatient. "I have nothing to say." The curly haired boy said with his raspy voice. "Come on, I'm not dumb." He didn't say anything for a while but then just said the one sentence I knew would come out eventually. "I really have to see her again."
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