For you I'll be a superhuman

Everyone knows, One Direction, a boyband who makes every girl's heart throb. Well this story is about them, the famous Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. They have just finished there second tour for the 'Take Me Home' album and Liam's getting sick. That's when Harry will meet someone new in a place he could've never imagine. As impossible as it seems, it will happen. But will their story end like Romeo's and Juliette's or will it have a happy ending ?

5th book :) Yay co-writed with my friend Babette <3


3. Can't get you put of my mind.


Where am I ? It's all white, like a big room or a tunnel with no end. I keep on hearing noises. Who are those people talking about me ? An accident ? What happened ? I can't recall anything. Ouch ! It's hurting. Why is my head pounding ? And my body's aching.
Here are the voices again, it's buzzing in my ears. I can finally hear clearly, 2 guys and a woman. Why are they asking so much questions about me ? I don't recognize the voice. Argh ! What was that ? It hurts. Oh my god. I've never felt something like that. It's hurting so badly. If I was conscious right now I think I would faint from the pain. "LET US THRU ! SHE NEEDS TO BE IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM NOW !" Why were they screaming so loudly. That's when the white tunnel disappeared and turned into black.

I 'woke up' if that's what you can call it. I was back into the white tunnel. I couldn't feel my body which wasn't to bad cause It didn't hurt as much as before. I still didn't know where I was. What the hell happened happened ?


We parked the car after having been to our flat then Starbucks where we took about 3 hours just to sign autographs and to get back to our car. We had to actually call security for them to come and help us. Fans could be a little overboard sometimes but we loved them so much and just wanted to make them happy. "Where have you been ?" Niall instantly turned around when we came thru the door. "Got stopped by the fans." They chuckled. "How are you mate ?" Louis went over to Liam who was laying on the bed. "Not that good I guess." He looked way worse than 'Not that good', but you know it's Liam he never tells when he's feeling bad. "Need anything ?" I asked. "Yeah, maybe Starbucks." They all laughed. "I'll just get you a coffee from the cafeteria, okay ?" "Perfect." "I would want one too." "Me too."

I ran to the elevator for the fourth time today and went to the first floor, all the way to the cafeteria. I went in the line and recognized the nurse from earlier sitting at a table. I wasn't sure of what to do so I just stayed where I was. "4 coffees please." I asked to the woman. I waited a little further while the woman took other's people orders. "Excuse me ?" I turned around and saw the nurse. "Oh hi. Nancy, right ? I'm Harry Styles." "I know my nieces are fans. I wanted to update to you the situation like I had promised." I nodded and smiled. "Well she's still in surgery but she will be in room 367 on the first level if everything's goes as planned. She should be fine." That was good news. I was strangely happy. People say love at first sight doesn't exist but was that what was going on ? No, that wasn't possible, at least not to me. "Thank you very much." I took the coffees that the woman handed me. "May I know what you are doing in this hospital." I was a bit confused but I didn't see why I wouldn't. "I'm here cause of my friends Liam who is sick." She nodded. I heard someone call her name. She said goodbye and went back to her table as I went back up. Liam's room was room 347 on the first floor as well. I went up with the four coffees in my hand.
"I'm back." They took their coffees out of my hands and I gave the last one to Liam. "Thanks, mate." He smiled but he was obviously still very weak. "No problem." I sat on a the last chair free. "So, any news from Nancy ? Or Nina ?" Niall looked at me and they all turned around to look at me. "Who are they ?" Zayn asked with a little smile. "Oh so Nina is a girl that we met this morning. Well we didn't actually meet her cause she was unconscious and Nancy is the nurse that gave us more information about the girl." Niall explained. "Oh did I forget to mention it was love at first sight for him ?" Niall added. "Not true!" "Harry you were drooling over her!" Ugh. Why was he saying that ? "Yeah and in the car you told me you wanted to see her again." Louis added. "Guys shut up !" I can't say I was mad but I wasn't happy either. "Ok so continue, do you have any news ?" Liam was usually the one keeping everyone calm. "Well I've seen the nurse who told me she's still in surgery but she should be fine." "That's great ! Are you gonna go to her room ?" Zayn asked. "No I'm not planning it." "Wait what ? Why not ?" Niall asked totally confused. "I don't know her. She doesn't know me." "Well yeah but..."

After the conversation slowly getting to an end, we talked about other subjects like when Liam would be released, what we would do for our couple of months off, about our friends and families... Around 8pm. A nurse came in telling us we should go home cause the hours of visit were over. We took the range and Louis drove back home. We didn't all live together but we didn't all lived in the same building cause the management thought it would be easier to contact us. I didn't listen to any of the conversations in the car and when we arrived I just went to Louis' and my flat. After a few minutes I heard someone knock.


"Harry, do you want to join me and the lads for dinner ? We're going to Nando's." At this point I was just hoping he would speak to us. I knew he wasn't mad, I knew Harry quiet well now. He probably couldn't understand how he felt, what he felt. Harry was a nice guy everyone knows that, but everyone also knew he had a lot of relationship. Sometimes he liked her, nothing more. Sometimes it was the management who arranged it. The people who knew Harry, knew he just needed some affection. He was way more sensitive than what people expect from him. "I think I'll pass. Thanks. And sorry." He smiled. He knew he couldn't try to make me believe it but he still gave it a try. "Okay, I'll be back later." I closed the door and walked out of my flat. Zayn and Niall were already waiting for me. "Where's Harry ?" Zayn asked looking up from his phone. "He's not coming." "Why ?" Niall obviously knew why. "I just think he doesn't understand what's going on." We went into the elevator. "Do you really think he won't go see her ?" "Nah, I'm pretty sure he will. Lets just see as things go on." I smiled. It would definitively be interesting.


Have you already felt that feeling where you feel like you have no control over your emotions ? Well that's my case. I decided to go to sleep, I just hoped a night of good sleep would help. Wait, did I say 'good' sleep ? Cause I definitively take it back. I had been laying down in my bed for 2 hours turning around trying to sleep but all I could think of was her. Nina. I just couldn't get her out of my mind.
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