Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


7. Chapter 7


All i could think about all night was Zayn; what did he mean when he said he really likes me? Sure we'd been spending a lot of time together lately and we've been getting really close but i thought he only thought of me as a friend! Maybe if i just act normal around him, then he will stop liking me. Ok, that's what i'll do, i'll act like nothing happened and maybe he'll forget all about liking me. I looked at my clock on the wall and sighed, it was 2 am. I was never going to go to sleep. I reached into my bedside table's drawer and pulled out my iPod. I plugged in my head phones and pressed play on Nicki Minaj's album, for some reason she always helps to clear my mind. 


I sat upright in my bed and ripped my headphones out of my ears. Scared stiff I looked around and saw nothing. I waited a few more minutes before putting my head phones back in and laying down. I close my eyes and let my body relax once again.


My eyes immediately open and i lay still, not daring to move. 

I slowly sit up and step out of bed, i wonder over to my window and quickly open it hoping to scare of anything that was there. I look out and see nothing, but when i look down i see Zayn standing just below my window. I eyes open wide at the site of him. I run out of my room and out of the front door straight into his arms.

"Zayn! What happened?!" I whisper while hugging the life out of him.

The Zayn i was hugging looked nothing like the Zayn i had gotten to know over the last few days, he has cuts and bruises everywhere. He had blood smeared across his face and his clothes were ripped and dirty.

Zayn looked down and me and bit his lip.

"Look, come inside. We'll get you cleaned up and then you can explain to me what happened" I say as i grab his hand and start to walk towards the house. 

Zayn wouldn't budge, He just looked at me with a weird look on his face.

"It's ok, my parents are away on business or something"  I say understanding his awkward expression.

Zayn finally gave in and allowed me to drag him inside to clean him up. Once we were inside i sat him down on the couch and went to the bathroom to get some medical supplies. When i came back Zayn had his shirt and jeans off and was asleep on our couch. I couldn't help but look at his body, he was tan and perfectly toned. Let's not forget his tattoos. I silently walked over to his sleeping body and set about to cleaning him up and making sure his wounds were ok. I finally finished cleaning Zayn up and i was so tired that i laid my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat, it wasn't long before i too was fast asleep. 

When i woke up, i found myself in my own bed. I thought back to last night and decided it must of been a dream seeing as though im in my bed and not on Zayn. I could hear someone cooking in the kitchen so i thought id get up to investigate, as i got closer i could smell bacon and maple syrup. i wondered into the kitchen and stopped dead. Standing there right in front of me was a topless Zayn. I couldn't move. I honestly thought last night was a dream, but judging by his faint cuts and purple bruises i doubt it was. 

"What are you doing here?"I say slowly and cautiously.

Zayn turned around and smiled.

"What do you think i'm doing? I'm making us all breakfast" He replied simply.

I was just about to ask what happened last night when Julie came through the door carrying Truffles.

"Morning Jules" I say with a smile.

"Truffles vomited in your room" Was all Julie replied with. 

My eyes grew wide with disgust and i ran into my room to check if she was right and sure enough there was vomit all over my floor. I sigh and walk back out to the kitchen.

"Did he really?" Zayn asked as he handed me the spray and paper towels.

"He sure did" I reply as i walk off to my room.

The thought of cleaning up dog vomit was definitely putting me off my bacon. When i finished cleaning up Truffles little present that he left for me i decided to get dressed. i chose to wear a little sundress and i plaited my hair into little pigtails. I wondered out into the lounge to grab my bag before realising Zayn was gone. I went back into the kitchen to where Julie was and sat down at the dining table.

"Did Zayn leave already?" I asked her.

"Yeah, but he left you a note. It's on the kitchen counter" Julie replied.

I jumped up and ran over to the kitchen counter; sure enough there was a note on it. 

'Ellie, i've gone home to rest. Thanks for taking care of me last night. Meet me after school on the oval, Zayn x'

I sighed and put the little note in my pocket so i wouldn't forget but i knew somehow that all i would be thinking about today was Zayn. I turned around and faced Julie.

"Do you think you could give me a ride to school?" I asked her. 

Julie wiped her hands on her jeans and stood up.

"Sure thing, let's go" Julie replied and with that she shot out of the door.

I wandered to her car and wondered about what Zayn wanted to meet me for. Oh well, i'll just have to find out later.

*****************Author's Note********************

Thanks so much for reading and i love reading all of your comments too! 
Sorry that this chapter is very short but it's really late here so i will make it up to you guys tomorrow by writing a huge chapter! Until then i hope you enjoy this one :) 
x x x x X x x x x 

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