Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


6. Chapter 6


When i woke up, my curtains were open and there was a tray of McDonald pancakes at the end of my bed. I lean forward to investigate the mysterious pancakes and discover a note.

'You were asleep when i came in and i didn't want to wake you so i left you these pancakes, hope you enjoy them. Louis x'

I placed the note back and smiled, i realised at that moment how sweet Louis could be even though he is way to over protective. I sighed and dragged myself out of bed, my legs were killing me thanks to training yesterday. I thought back to last night and couldn't help but smiling as i remembered everything. I wondered over to my shower and turned the water on high, i love hot showers. I take off my pyjamas and step into the hot water. I run the shampoo and conditioner through my hair before turning off the water and stepping out. I stand there dripping wet while rubbing my eyes onto my hand towel, as i look up i see Louis standing in the doorway to my bathroom looking at me. 

"Louis!" i shout out. 

He could clearly tell i was angered by his decision to stand there watching me. Louis put his hands up in defeat and backed out of the doorway.

"Sorry" He said as he turned around. "Better?" 

"No! get out" I say as i slam my bathroom door.

I can't believe he just stood there like that, doesn't he have any common decency? I blow dried my hair and let it flow down my back before i changed into my clothes for the day. When i finally stepped out of the bathroom i found Louis sitting on my bed eating the pancakes.

"These are actually so delicious, you should try them!" Louis said with a mouthful of pancake and syrup.

I rolled my eyes and put my books into my bag, i slung the bag over my shoulder and walked out of my room and out of the house. I got into Louis's car and sat there waiting for him. A few minutes later i saw Louis walk out of my house and over to the car, he got into the drivers seat and shuffled round so that he was looking right at me. He stared at me for a while and it started to really annoy the hell out of me. 

"What?! Can we just go to school already?" I snapped.

I didn't bother to look at him, i already knew what his expression would be. Louis slowly leaned closer to me and lightly swept his hand over my cheek, he quickly withdrew his hand and swivelled round in the seat so that he was facing the road ahead of us. He buckled himself in and quickly swerved onto the road.


I spent the whole of the day avoiding Louis but now that is was lunch, i wasn't sure how far i could get away from him. I caught up with Jazz and Connor and we all walked to lunch together. We all sat down at our usual table and examined our disgusting school lunches. 

"I dont understand why they make us eat this?! They say they want to give us the healthiest foods they can yet they make us eat the most unhealthy foods" Connor says as he throws his lunch in the bin. "I'd rather not eat than eat that stuff!" 

Jazz and i giggle as Connor goes on for a few more minutes about how the school should suck it up and provide us with real food. As Jazz and i were in the middle of one of our usual 'fashion' conversations, someone covered my eyes with their hands and said "Guess who?". A sucked in a sharp breath and prayed it wasn't Louis. They took their hands off my face and i turned around to find out who it was. 

"Oh, hey Niall!" I say with a sigh. "You scared me!"

"Haha, really? I'm sorry" Niall says as he sits down next to me and looks at my lunch. "Are you going to eat that?"

"Definitely not" I reply, i push the disgusting food towards him and he starts to eat it.

Just as Niall finishes my food, the rest of the guys come over to join us including Louis, I move closer to Niall so that Zayn could sit next to me and i know that Louis noticed. I waited for him to say something or do something to separate us but surprisingly he didn't. I turned to Zayn and smiled.

"Hey, how are you?" I ask.

Zayn smiles at me and replies with "I'm quite good thank you, and how are you?"

"Yeah, i'm pretty good too. How did you go with the rest of the homework?"

"I found it a bit hard but i got there in the end, you?" 

"Yeah i finished it thank god!"

We chatted for most of lunch and i kept sneaking glances at Louis to see his reactions to our conversation but he stayed calm. The bell went and Louis quickly walked off, Zayn helped me up and slung my bag as well as his over his shoulder. 

"You ready?" He asked with a grin.

I've never really looked at Zayn properly before, as he stood there before me i took in his amazing features. 

"Yeah, i am" I replied to the gorgeous boy standing infront of me.

i walked over to his side and we walked to our next class together, during our class we sat next to each other and spent the whole time just mucking around and talking. Our teacher didn't like this too much, we kept getting in trouble. Time flew by and last period was over, Zayn walked me to my locker and waited for me to put my books away.

"Hey, do you want a ride home?" Zayn asked while leaning on the lockers, looking down on me.

I thought hard about it for a minute because i usually go home with Louis but after this morning, i wasn't very happy with him. I nodded and got my phone out to text Louis.

"I've just got to let Louis know i have got other arrangements on getting home"  I say with a wink in Zayn's direction. 

'Louis, i've made arrangements for someone else to drop me home. Ellie' i hit send and walk of towards the car park with Zayn.

When i saw Zayn's car, im going to say i was not surprised. He had an old, classic Jaguar. He walked over to the passenger seat and held open the door for me while i got in, Zayn shut the door and walked around to the drivers side and got in. 

"You have a really nice car" I say in admiration.

"Thank you, now, where do you live?" Zayn replies with a charming smile.


As i get out of the car and close the door, Zayn winds down the window.

"Ellie! Wait!" He calls out.

I turn round and wait for him to continue. 

"I-i think..well...i really like you Ellie..." Zayn says quietly .

I was so shocked that i didn't reply and i think Zayn must of thought what he'd done was completely stupid because he drove away without another word.

Oh god, what have i done?!

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