Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


4. Chapter 4


As i was just about to get into the shower i heard my phone go off. I waddle over to it and check to see who the message is from.

'I'm taking you out tonight, wear something cute. i'll pick you up at 7. Louis x'

I rolled my eyes. He's the stubborn type im guessing. I check my clock and its 5:30 pm. My eyes widen and i hurry off to the shower, i'd better get ready then.


Just as i had finished putting my makeup on, i heard a knock at my door.

"Come in!" I shout. 

In the mirror i could see a tall figure outlined in my door frame, the tall figure slowly walked over to me and wrapped their arms around me. 

"Well dont you look lovely" They whisper into my ear.

I look up to face to figure and no doubt its Louis. I swivel round to face him directly and look into his beautiful eyes.

"Thanks" I say quietly, intimidated by his gorgeous looks. "You dont look so bad yourself"

Louis laughs and drags me up, he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me into him. 

"Louis.." I start to say.

Louis puts a finger to his lips telling me to be quiet, he just stares at me looking deep into my eyes. I wasnt comfortable with how intamite he was being so i looked away and tried to push him off of me.

"What's wrong?" Louis said with a hurt look on his face.

I shake my head.

"Can we just go?" I say quietly.

"Sure" Louis replies, he grabs my hand and leads me out of my house.


When we arrvied at the restraunt i was relieved to see that it wasnt just going to be me and Louis, his friends were there too. They all smiled as we wandered over to them and sat down.

"Hey guys" I smiled.

They all replied with some kind of variation of a greeting. Louis excused himself and went off to the bar with Zayn to order a drink.

"How are you?" a voice next to me asked.

I turned my head to the direction of the voice and saw it was only Niall. 

"I'm ok i guess, what about you?" I replied.

Niall shrugged and said "Yeah i guess im alright".

I quite like Niall, he is such a sweet guy. Plus he has an amazing sense of humour! We talked for ages, basically the whole night. We both could tell Louis didnt like it at all, he kept shooting looks at Niall but we both just ignored him. We were too involved with our conversation. I ended up giving him my phone number just as Louis told everyong we were leaving, Louis grabbed my bag and led me out of the restraunt. Just as i walked out of the door i turned round and said goodbye to the boys.


The car drive was quiet, really quiet. I dont think Louis was too happy with me. 

"If i had known you and Niall would of hit off so good i wouldnt of invited the boys to go with us" Louis says out of no where. "Do you like him? You like him dont you?" 

Tears sprung to my eyes. Louis was really hurt by what i did, i hadn't intended to hurt him but i did and he's suffering. I shook my head and kept looking down, not saying anything. We finally arrived at my house and i started to get out of the car but i stopped myself. I bit my lip and quickly grabbed Louis's face and kissed him before getting out of the car and rushing inside.


"Ellie, i just got an emial from your coach and he says that football training is on this wednesday and that your first game is on staurday!" mum calls from the study. 

"Ok, thanks!" Ishout back, not really listening to anything she said.

The only thing i can think about is Niall and how much i hurt Louis. 


"Ok girls, i know this is your first training of the season and some of you havent been working out over the summer but im not going to go easy on you today. We have our first game on saturday, we're going against the Locksville Ladies" My coach says eyeing each and every one of us.

"Coach come one, please, its only the first game of the season!" one of my teammates, Samantha, moans to Coach.

Coach just ignored her and said "Alright girls, 5 laps of the oval then the stretches! GO GO GO!"


After training we all went into the change room to complain about how mean Coach was being today.

"He's never usually like this!" Complained Tammy. 

"Yeah, whats got his knickers in a twist?" Lana agreed.

"Well you guys can figure that out but im going home, see ya ladies" I say as i pick up my bag and walk out of the door.

As i rounded the corner, i bumped into someone standing there.

"Oh sorry" I mumble as i attempt to go around them.

"Hey!" The person says and grabs my waist.

I swivel round in their firm grasp and smile when i see Nialls grinning face inches from mine.

"I'm here to pick you up! We're supposed to be hanging out today remember?" He says cheekily while playing with my messy hair.

"I'm sorry, i must of forgot with football training and all.." I say looking down.

"You know, theres something very attractive about a girl who gets dirty" Niall says with a wink in my direction.

I groan at his attempt at a joke and release myself from his grasp.

"I dont think Louis will be to happy if i hang out with you" I say quietly looking down at the floor, studying the cracks in the pavement.

"So you and Louis are together then?" Niall asks with one eyebrow raised.

"No, no" I say quickly. "I just dont think he will be to pleased, as all"

"Well we just wont tell him now will we?" Niall laughs as he grabs my bag and carries it over to his car, which was waiting in the carpark.

"So what are we doing?" I ask.

"We are going to pick up some food from Nandos and then we are coming back to mine and playing some Fifa, seeing as your quite into football" Niall grins over at me.

I smile back at him and get into the passenger seat. The ride to Nandos was quiet but i was comfortable with that, im so tired from training being my first one and all. We arrive at Nandos a few minutes later and walk inside to order.

"The usual please" Niall says as the cashier smiles and greets him from the counter.

The lady behind the counter faces me and asks me what id like.

"Umm, the barbeque chicken please" I reply to her question.

I turn to Niall. "So im guessing your a frequent visitor?" I say to him as we wait for our food.

"Haha, well, yes i guess you can say that" Niall grins as he looks down at me.

The bell on the counter dings and Niall goes over to pay for our food as i collect it. We walked back to the car and all i could smell was Nandos.


Once we had finished eating our delicious food, Niall led me up to his room and and walked over to his TV. He pushed the on button and set up Fifa. I sat down on his bed and waited for him to join me.

"You may be good on the field but you'll never beat me at this!" He declares proudly as we start our game.

By the time we finished our 10th game, i was winning. Niall grabbed one of his pillows and hit me with it. He then jumped on top of me and smiled down at me with his sparkling blue eyes. I stared back and we stayed in that postition for a bit before my phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I checked it and i saw a message from Louis.

'Where are you? I came by your house to visit you but your mum said you never came home from training! Please reply soon, i'm worried about you. Louis xx'

I sigh and type back a quick reply.

'Dont worry, i'm fine. I'm just hanging out with Niall. Ellie xx'

I bite my lip hard before hitting the send button. He was not going to like my reply.

"Whats wrong? You seem concerned about something?" Niall asked with a frown.

"Oh it's just Lous asking where i am and stuff.." I say with a weak smile.

"What did you tell him?" Niall said quietly.

"I told him i was with you" I replied.

Author's Note: 
Hey guys! I have school starting again tomorrow so i dont know when i'll be ableto update :(
I think i might stop writing if you guys dont like it? Please coment and let me know if i should keep writing more or not.

Much love! <3 xx 

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