Black Heart

Ellie's life is great. She has great friends, family and nothing seems to go wrong on her life until the day she meets Louis. Ellie thought things couldnt get any worse, but then she met Louis's four friends and now everything is complicated and she cant make up her mind.


31. Chapter 31


Finally it was time to go home.


I never saw that woman, Samantha, again after that day. And I'm so glad.


Everyone was slowly packing away their belongings, wondering where the time went and why it flew by so fast.


I was quickly broken out of my daydream to the feeling of hands gently grabbing my waist.


I turn around to find Louis smiling down at me.


"Do you need any help, love?" He asks with a genuine smile.


My stomach flips and tumbles from all of the butterflies, why does he have to be so goddamn attractive.


"Mmm, no, i think i'm ok thanks." I say pursing my lips.


I'm trying my hardest not to show how much i like him, i'm trying to play had to get but i absolutely suck at it. He can see right through me.


"All right everyone!" A teacher calls out from the doorway. "It's time for you to get onto the buses. Please put your luggage into one of the trailers attached to the buses.


I let out a small sigh as i attempted to drag my bags out of the room. They were honestly so heavy, i don't even know how bags could be this heavy.


"What? No limousines?" Connor called out to one of the teachers.


I shook my head and laughed. Only Connor could focus on the transport and not something actually important.


"We only reserved them for the trip here." A teacher tried to explain to him.


"Not good enough," He said angrily. "My parents paid a fair deal for this trip and so far it's been a disaster. The least you could of done was tried to make the trip home a little better."


He was getting so worked up. I walked over to him and placed my hand on his shoulder.


"Connor, just let it go. Put your bags away and get in the bus, you're holding up the line." I said, gesturing to the line that was impatiently waiting behind him.


Connor huffed and turned his attention to the bus's trailer. I heaved his bags into the trailer and retreated to the bus.


Connor was a good guy, but sometimes he gets a little too worked up over little things.


"You ready to go?" A voice suddenly says behind me.


I turn around to find Zayn standing awkwardly in front of me.


"Oh, um sure." I squeaked.


I looked around for Louis anxiously.


"Yeah, me too..." Zayn replied.


I felt an arm wrap around my waist.


"Zayn." Louis said from behind me with a clenched jaw.


His body felt rigid standing next to mine.


Zayn cleared his throat.


"Right, well, i guess i'll see you both later." He said quickly before running onto the bus.


I felt Louis instantly relax beside me as i rubbed his back reassuringly.


"Well that was...weird?" I laughed weakly.


"Mmm." Was all Louis said.


I cautiously took ahold of his hand.


"Do you want to sit with me on the bus?" I asked timidly.


Louis looked down at me, staring. His face was a complete blank and i was unsure whether or not he would reply.


"Sure." He smiled, after what seemed like ages.


We got aboard the bus and sat right at the back along with Niall, Liam, Jazz and Doris.


They were all chatting away with each other, laughing about some silly thing Niall probably had done but i wasn't in the mood to laugh along with them.


Louis had his back turned to me, he was facing the others and joining in with their conversation.


I took that opportunity to take out my phone from my pocket and plug in my headphones. I shuffled my music and laid my head against the window staring out at our surroundings.


The bus roared to life and we were finally on the road, the road going home.


I was a little scared to go home, everything is different now.


I mean, who knows what mum and John were going to say about this whole trip!


But also going home means starting a whole new chapter in my life and i was excited for that.


Louis was graduating, he would be leaving for university not long after we get back and so would the rest of the boys.


Jazz, Doris and i would be preparing to move up into the grade above which means everything for us would become more serious and we'd really have to dedicate ourselves to our schoolwork. But something tells me Jazz wont be that concerned about it all.


I started to drift off when Louis poked my shoulder.


"Hey," He whispered. "Don't fall asleep. We're almost home."


"Mmmm." Was all i could manage to say in reply.


My eyes were closing rapidly, they were to heavy to keep open.


"I'm just going to rest my eyes for a second." I yawned.


"Okay sweetheart." Louis replied.


I smiled at his reply, i love it when he calls me names like 'sweetheart'. Especially with his accent.


Louis fidgeted around beside for a bit before laying his head down on my shoulder.


I peeked one eye open to see what he was doing. He had his knees tucked into his stomach, his eyes were closed and he had a small small playing on his lips. 


By the rise and fall of his chest, i guessed he was asleep.


If he was going to sleep, then i suppose i should too because he is too heavy to lift off of me. I wouldn't be moving from this spot until Louis wakes up.




**Author's Note**
First of all i am so so sorry for not updating in months! I've been so busy with school and holidays and my little sister was born and i just didn't have the time to write :(

I'm starting to get bored with this book, so i'm going to stop writing it after the next chapter. The next chapter will be the last
I am sorry, but its just not going anywhere anymore :( 

In other news, i am moving to Wattpad. And i am also starting a new fanfic there! I have an amazing idea with an amazing plot and i cant wait to share it with you guys so please (if you don't have an account already) go onto Wattpad and follow me at:   huggifulniall

You definitely will not be disappointed with my new fanfic! (its not published yet but it will be as soon as i have a few followers.)
I've never used the account before so i am going to follow each and everyone of you back! <3

I love you guys so much, you've brought me so far with this story and i cant ever express how thankful i am for each of you because you have stuck with and supported me the whole time.
I love you guys <3

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